ODM OEM Silicone TV Remote Control Keyboard 30 Shore A

The remote control keypads are carefully made of high quality silicone rubber material through precision rubber compression molding technology. Our range of remote control keypads includes a variety of types to meet different requirements. From membrane keypads to plastic-rubber hybrid keypads and silicone rubber keypads, each type offers unique features and benefits for different applications.

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Custom Silicone TV Remote Control Button Rubber Keypad  

Remote Control Keypad have multicolor buttons & Keys in aim to create a eye-catching effect, which is made by keypad keysetting process, silkscreen printing, color spraying coating or legends laser etching ( backlighting ). Some Remote Control Keypadcan glow in light which silicone rubber kevpad materrals mixed with flurescent powaer

Remote control keypad is made of silicone rubber material by rubber compression mold. There are many type of remote control keypad, such as Membrane Keypad, Plastic+Rubber Keypad, Silicone Rubber Keypad.

Product Specifications

Product name Mobile Phone keypad
Design Accept customization
Origin Xiamen,China
meterial silicone
Environment Eco-friendly
Use TV
Application Remote Controller
Hardness 30-80 shore A
Color Customized
Certification SGS/ROHS/ISO9001


Remote Control Keypad, generally need pretective surface process like: Matting & matte smooth, Epoxy Coating, PU Coating orButtons with plastic cap & cover.

Remote Control Keypad Conduction Modes: Black Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Printing or Metal Dome.

Notes: Some remote control keypad can not conduct electricity like silicone keyboard cover.

Some Remote control keypad with backing adhesive gum for waterproof or dustproof.

Remote Controller for TV/ Radio/ Air- conditions, Scanners, Calculator.
Telephone sets,other Electronic products, etc.

Conductive Contact:Ink printing or Black Carbon Pill 

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Remote Control Silicone Rubber Buttons , generally need protective process : matte smooth, Epoxy Coating, PUCoating or Silicone Buttons with plastic Key Cover Cap.

Remote controller button conduction modes: Black Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Printing or Metal Dome

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