Silicone Rubber Conductive Buttons Keypads with Carbon Pills

Silicone Rubber Conductive Buttons Keypads with Carbon Pills are tactile input interfaces designed for efficient electrical conductivity in electronic devices. Embedded carbon pills within the silicone rubber facilitate conductivity, ensuring accurate and responsive performance. These keypads find widespread use in applications such as remote controls, keyboards, industrial control panels, medical devices, and automotive controls, providing

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Silicone Rubber Conductive Buttons with Carbon Pills are a common type of tactile interface components used in electronic devices and control panels. They are made of soft silicone rubber and embedded with tiny carbon particles, providing tactile feedback when pressed and establishing an electrical connection through the carbon particles. Consequently, they find widespread use in various electronic devices, including remote controls, keyboards, industrial control panels, and more, meeting user input needs and triggering functions.


Rubber Keypad with carbon pills, also known as conductive rubber keypads, conductive silicone keypad.Rubber keypad with carbon pill is generally applied in electronic products. A conductive pill is like asilicone keyboard, which is made up of a mixture of silicone and conductive material, The mixture isformed on a 0.3mm thick sheet of paper, and the carbon pill is die-cut in a standard size of 2mm to 5mm indiameter. The smaller the carbon pill is, the harder the production process will be.

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When pressing the key, the carbon particles in the conductive pills will be squeezed together, whichconvey the current from on one side to the other side of the carbon pill. The resistance of black carbon pillis 100~150 Ohms, but can be minimized to 10 Ohms by adding more gold powder.

Conductive Rubber Keypads Materials

1. Graphite Pads & Black Carbon Pills

2. Electrically Conductive Printing Ink

3 Metal Domes

4. Golden Pills & Copper Pads

5. Nickle Pills


Silicone Keypads Main Type:

  • Screen Print Silicone Keypad
  • Laser Etched Silicone Keypad
  • Epoxy Silicone Keypad
  • Plastic Silicone Rubber Keypad
  • Metal Rubber Silicone Keypad
  • Dual Forming Silicone Keypad
  • Silicone Keyboard Cover
  • PU Coating Silicone Keypad
  • Fluorescence Silicone Keypad
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