Customized Rubber Silicone Push Button

Silicone keys, such as silicone keyboards, have elastic silicone key nets, key pads, key tops, key caps, contact areas (carbon pill and conductive printing), key surface legends and surface protection. The design and production of rubber keypads is not only about the thickness of the rubber keypad structure, key travel, and contacts, but also for

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Rubber Silicone Button

Material: silicone

Molding Technology: Silicone compression molding

Application area: Electronic Accessories

Color: transparent and other color

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

Code: Rubber Silicone Button-230919

Customized Rubber Silicone Push Button, known as Rubber Silicon Button, Rubber Button Pad, Silicone Rubber Keypad, which made from transparent and elastomeric silicone materials and molded by silicon rubber compression tooling, as a reliable switch performance and is widely used in electrical products, machine, medical device, remote control etc.Silicone Button basic structure: Button, button web, silicon pad, button travel, electric contacts.

Silicone Button, like silicone keypad, which have elastic silicone keys web, button pad, key top, key cover, contact zone(carbon pill & conductive printing), button surface legends and surface protection etc.Rubber Button Designs and Production, not only thick about rubber button structure actuation forece, button travel, contact, but need in view of silicone rubber button surface demands, button materials choice, hardness difference and mutual influence etc.

Specification of Rubber Silicone Button

Rubber Silicone Button

Factors Impacting Rubber Buttons’ Quality:

  • Rubber Contacts: These act as intermediaries between rubber buttons and the device, affecting conductivity and sensitivity. Common materials include conductive ink and carbon pills. Opt for low-resistance options (below 30 Ohms) for effectiveness.
  • Conductive Material Shape: Pay attention to the shape of conductive ink or carbon pills. Inadequate coverage or thin pills can reduce sensitivity and cause deformities when interacting with the rubber material.
  • Silicone Rubber Material: Use high-quality, high-tensile silicone rubber for piano buttons. It should resist deformation, breakage, and withstand tensile forces.
  • Compression Mould Quality: The quality of the compression mold matters. High-precision molds ensure consistent dimensions, including button webbing and rubber contact heights, resulting in reliable, uniform rubber buttons.

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Rubber Silicone ButtonRubber Silicone Button

High quality Rubber Keypad Buttons Application

Rubber Silicone Button

Silicone key types encompass single-point silicone, remote control buttons, conductive silicone keys, cell phone buttons, touch-sensitive silicone buttons, translucent silicone buttons, keyboard keys, password buttons, car keys, film keys, laser-engraved keys, reset buttons, home keys, PC keys, machine learning keys, POS machine keys, digital product keys, and P+R buttons, among others.

Pressure Range: 50-80g – Ideal for computer keyboards and calculator silicone keys. This low-pressure range offers easy and frequent clicking.

Pressure Range: 80-120g – Suitable for electrical appliances and remote control buttons. The pressure is comfortable, providing a responsive feel.

Pressure Range: 120-180g – Designed for heavy-duty equipment, industrial instruments, and mechanical remote controls. This higher pressure range is ideal for larger silicone buttons with exceptional resilience.

In the realm of high-quality rubber keypad buttons, we find a diverse range of types, each meticulously engineered for specific applications. These buttons include single-point silicone, remote control buttons, conductive silicone keys, and more. They offer precise tactile feedback and durability, making them ideal for various industries and devices.

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