Tailored Laser-Engraved Silicone Entry Touch Button

Laser-Engraved Silicone Entry Touch Button features silk-printed and laser-etched logo customization options, adding a unique and personalized touch to your button. Utilizing silk screen technology ensures labels are clear and long-lasting, while a range of versatile conductive options (carbon pills, conductive oil, metal domes and non-conductive variants) cater to different preferences.

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Tailored Laser-Engraved Silicone Entry Touch Button

Tailored Laser-Engraved Silicone Entry Touch Button is meticulously crafted for personalized accessibility and uncompromising durability. Choose from the classic black hue or customize the color to seamlessly integrate with your aesthetic preferences. Holding ISO9001-2015, IATF16949, and RoHS certifications, our unwavering commitment to quality ensures the reliability of your entry solution. The logo customization choices of Silk Printing and Laser Etching add a unique and personalized touch to your entry button. Leveraging Silk Printing technology ensures clear and enduring labeling, while a versatile array of conductive options—Carbon Pill, Conductive Oil, Metal Dome, and Non-Conductive variants—accommodates diverse preferences. Designed for versatility, this entry button finds its application in a spectrum of devices, including cameras, calculators, telecommunication equipment, mobile phones, home appliances, and computer keyboards. Elevate your entry experience with this enduring, tailored, and personalized solution.


Size: Customized

Product Feature: Used Comfortably

Hardness: 30-80 Shore A

Material: Food Grade Silicone

Color: Black or Custom

Certification: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949, RoHS

Coating: Matte Oil, PU, Epoxy, Color Oil

Conductive: Carbon Pill, Conductive Oil, Metal Dome, Non-Conductive

OEM/ODM: Available

Packing: PE Bag & Carton

Cutting-Edge Conductive Innovations in Silicone Keypads

  • Carbon Protrusion Technology:

Our Silicone Keypad employs cutting-edge Carbon Protrusion Technology, featuring small carbon-filled pillars strategically integrated. These protrusions ensure seamless electrical connectivity upon the application of pressure, delivering a consistently responsive and reliable user interface.

  • Conductive Fluid Integration:

Incorporating innovative technology, our Silicone Keypad utilizes Conductive Fluid Integration. A specialized conductive oil solution bridges gaps within the keypad, facilitating uninterrupted electrical pathways. This ensures the efficient transmission of signals when pressure is applied to the keypad surface.

  • Dome-Structured Metal Conductivity:

Experience superior conductivity with our Dome-Structured Metal Technology. Small, dome-shaped metal elements beneath the keypad surface ensure tactile responsiveness. When pressed, these domes collapse, completing the electrical circuit and providing a distinctive tactile response.

  • Precision Non-Conductive Zones:

Our Silicone Keypad features Precision Non-Conductive Zones strategically placed to prevent unintended electrical contact. These areas, skillfully crafted with non-conductive materials, guarantee precise control over the flow of electricity. This prevents interference and safeguards against unintentional input.

Explore the forefront of technology with our Silicone Keypad, integrating advanced conductive innovations for a superior user experience.

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