Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers PBA-free Food Grade

Silicone rubber bottle stoppers can also be made from FDA and LFGB food grade materials and are widely used in aperture stopper products such as containers, sealing caps or grommet plugs. In daily life, silicone rubber bottle stoppers are known as silicone rubber wine bottle stoppers, beer bottle stoppers, glass bottle stoppers, plastic or rubber

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Food Grade Silicone Bottle Stopper

Silicone Bottle Stopper 1s also called silicone wine stopper, rubber bottle caps or silicon bottle wine bungswhich are made from silicon rubber materials ( MVO ) by compression molding or injection molding.Silicone materials only react with strong alkali or hydrofluoric acid and can not dissolve in water or other materialsnon-toxic and odorless, stable chemical properties, good thermal stability ( -40’C ~ 230 ), good sealing and highermechanical strength.

Silicone Bottle Stoppers are also can be made from FDA & LFGB food grade, which is widely used invessel & container, hole plug products for sealing cap & cover or grommet plug. In daily life, siliconerubber stopper is known as silicon rubber bottle & wine & beer & glass stoppers, plastic or rubber holeplugs, expandable pipe or tube rubber plugs, flask stopper, rubber bathtub & drained water stopper, rubberpipe plugs, drain stoppers, desk grommet, rubber freeze plugs, plastic plugs & silicone rubber holes plugsend cap etc.


Silicone Bottle Stopper-Our Advantages:

1.Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998 year

2. Competitive Price

 3.Own Mold-Makingb.Own Silicone Rubber Compression Plant

4.Own Plastic Injection Plant

5.Own Liquid Silicone Injection Plant (Dust-free)e. Own Assembly Plant (Dust-free)

6.Ouality Assurance: Production and Test according ISO9001:2008 standards4.

7.One Stop Service

8.Rapid Reaction Customer Service

Applications of Silicone Bottle Stopper:

  1. Bottle Sealing: Silicone Bottle Stoppers can be used to seal partially consumed wine bottles, preserving the freshness of the wine and preventing oxygen from entering the bottle, which can affect the quality.
  2. Bottle Water Sealing: They can be used to seal bottled water to prevent evaporation and impurities from getting in, thus maintaining the freshness of the water.
  3. Sealing Opened Food Containers: When you open canned goods, bottled condiments, or other food containers, Silicone Bottle Stoppers can replace the original lids, providing a better seal and extending the shelf life of the food.
  4. Preventing Liquid Leakage: When traveling or carrying liquid food or beverages, Silicone Bottle Stoppers can prevent liquids from leaking out, keeping bags or luggage clean.
  5. Steam Venting in Cooking: Some silicone bottle stoppers are designed for use in cooking. They seal the bottle while allowing steam to escape, reducing the risk of overflow.
  6. Homemade Seasonings and Sauces: If you make homemade seasonings, sauces, or vinegar, Silicone Bottle Stoppers can be used to seal the bottles, keeping the contents fresh and preserved for an extended period.
  7. Preventing Carbonated Beverages from Losing Carbonation: For bottled carbonated beverages, Silicone Bottle Stoppers can effectively maintain the freshness of the carbonation, preventing it from going flat.

Why Choose YJC to Custom Food Grade Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers ?

  1. Silicone Molding Technology: We possess advanced silicone injection molding technology that enables precise manufacturing of silicone bottle stoppers. Our injection machines are equipped with automated controls to ensure consistency in size and shape for each stopper.
  2. Mold Design and Manufacturing: Our dedicated team of mold designers can create molds of various shapes and sizes to meet customer requirements. Our mold manufacturing equipment is of high precision, ensuring mold quality.
  3. Silicone Material Selection: We only use high-quality food-grade or medical-grade silicone materials to ensure product safety and reliability. Our silicone materials exhibit excellent wear resistance and high-temperature performance.
  4. Silicone Curing Technology: We employ advanced silicone curing techniques to ensure stability and uniformity during the curing process. This helps ensure consistent quality for each stopper.
  5. Quality Control Processes: Our quality control processes are stringent and include multiple checks and tests for dimensions, appearance, sealing performance, and material composition. We use high-precision instruments to verify compliance with specifications.
  6. Modern Equipment: Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, including efficient silicone injection molding machines, mold processing equipment, and quality inspection tools. These tools enhance production efficiency and consistency.
  7. Sustainability and Compliance: We prioritize sustainability and ensure waste disposal and material selection align with environmental standards. Moreover, we comply with relevant regulations and certifications, including food-grade or medical-grade certifications.
  8. Process Technology Team: Our highly experienced process technology team can handle complex customization requirements and provide professional advice and support.
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