Custom Silicone Conductive Keypad and Keyboard

Check out our custom silicone conductive keyboards. They are precision engineered for seamless functionality and durability. They feature haptic feedback and a responsive design that makes operation a breeze and ensures long-lasting performance. In addition, their silicone construction provides excellent resistance to environmental factors, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Don't miss out

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Silicone Conductive Keypad

Material: LSR or silicone

Molding Technology: Silicone compression Molding

Color: transparent and other colors

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

Code: Silicone Conductive Keypad-230912

Product Description

Custom Silicone Conductive Keypad and Keyboard is also called Electrically Conductive Printing Silicone Rubber keypad and Transfer Printing Electric Conduction Keypad, which choose conductivity ink instead of black carbon pills as silicone rubber keypad’s electroconductive point.

Specification for conductive silicone rubber keypad


Why choose conductive ink printing for the keypad contact dome?

Irregular Conductive Zones: Some keyboards, like laser-etched and screen-printed silicone rubber ones for LED backlighting, have irregular conductive zones that are challenging to work with using traditional black carbon particles.

Cost Savings: Using black carbon particles in elastomeric keyboard production can increase costs by requiring a significant amount or various types of particles, which hampers production efficiency.

Improved Production Efficiency: In contrast, conductive printing saves production time. Workers apply elastomeric silicone rubber materials to the keyboard, while electrically conductive ink printing covers various keypad contact areas automatically.

One-Stop Service:

  1. DFM Moldflow
  2. Tool Design
  3. Emphasis on Tool Life and Quality
  4. Multi-Component LSR Products
  5. High-Precision, Complex LSR Products
  6. Molding & Post-Molding
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  8. Comprehensive Quality Management System

We specialize in precision tool manufacturing and research for a wide range of plastic and LSR tools. We utilize top-class processing machines such as Roders, Makino, Erowa, ensuring a constant temperature and clean-controlled workshop environment. This support guarantees the manufacturing and research of high-precision tools, including plastic, LSR, and 2K shot tools, consistently achieving a precision of 5μ.

Our main equipment

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                                               Mold making workshop                                                                                                                  Compression molding workshop

YJC Molding & Post Molding department specializes in high precision and high requirement parts molding, With years of development, YJC has advanced management experience.

Conductive Silicone Keypad Applications


Silicone raw materials can be customized for various applications, including colorful walkie-talkie silicone buttons. To meet specific customer requirements, different colors can be achieved, along with various technological and functional specifications:

Process Classification for Walkie-Talkie Silicone Buttons:

Screen Printing

Radium Carving


Glue Dripping

Classification of Interphone Silicone Buttons by Characteristics:

Ink Conductive

Black Particle Conductive

Flame Retardant

High-Temperature Resistance

Luminous Effects

Transparent Keys

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