One Way 2 Kpa Duckbill Non Return Valve Medical Silicone Rubber Products

The One Way 2 Kpa Duckbill Non Return Valve Medical Silicone Rubber Products are specialized medical devices designed to allow fluid flow in one direction while preventing backflow. These valves are typically crafted using precision molding techniques, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Their primary function is to control the flow of fluids, particularly in medical

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2 Kpa One Way Valve Medical

Medical Grade Silicone  
Gas ,water , Oil
Opening Pressure:
0-2 Kpa
Back Pressure:
30-70 Shore A
Rubber Duckbill Valve,Custom Food grade one way mini silicone rubber non return medical duckbill check valve
Duckbill valves are unique, one-piece, elastomeric components that act as backflow prevention devices or one-way valves or check valves. They have elastomeric lips in the shape of a duckbill which prevent backflow and allow forward flow.
The main advantage of duckbill valves over other types of one-way valves is that duckbill valves are self contained i.e. the critical sealing function is an integral part of the one piece elastomeric component as opposed to valves where a sealing element has to engage with a smooth seat surface to form a seal.

Therefore duckbill valves are easily incorporated and assembled into a wide variety of devices without the hassle or problems associated with the surface finish quality of mating seats and/or complex assembly processes.


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