Multi Color Coating Painting Silicone Keypad

The Multi Color Coating Painting Silicone Keypad is a silicone keypad with multi-color coating painting, commonly used for user interfaces and operation controls in electronic devices and instruments. The manufacturing process involves selecting high-quality silicone materials, compression molding, applying multi-color coating painting on the surface, followed by curing and surface treatment. This process results in

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Multi Color Coating Painting Silicone Keypad

Durable Multi Color Coating Painting Silicone Keypad Buttons Service

Our Coating Rubber Keypad, also known as Color Coating Keyboard or Color-Painted Silicone Button, offers a versatile solution for creating multi-color keypads. This technology involves applying various color inks onto a transparent elastomer keypad, resulting in a visually striking and functional product. To ensure optimal functionality and visibility, the keypads are laser-etched with legends and graphics, allowing for effective backlighting. Particularly suitable for uneven surfaces, this method overcomes the limitations of traditional silkscreen printing. By applying a color coating to these surfaces and laser-etching symbols onto the buttons, we achieve both aesthetic appeal and tactile functionality.


Material: silicone rubber

Color: transparent and other colors

Hardness:shore A 30°~80°

Size: customized size

Legends: screen printing or laser etching & engraving

Molded Way: compression molded

Conductive Way: carbon pills, conductive ink printing, metal domes, metal pills

Surface Protective: pu coating, matte smooth coating, epoxy coating

Performance: aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

OEM/ODM: available

Samples: free available samples

Logo: customized (silkscreen logo, embossed or debossed logo)

Application: industrial, medical, automotive, electronic, household, toy, etc

Rubber Keypads Color Coating Process

In our meticulous Rubber Keypads Color Coating Process, individual color layers are meticulously applied to the silicone keypad surface. For instance, in creating a rubber keyboard with a black background and white symbols, we begin by spraying white color onto the keypad surface. Subsequently, a layer of black is coated to conceal the white base. To reveal the white symbols clearly, laser etching is employed, ensuring precision and clarity.

For rubber keypads featuring multi-colored buttons, preventing color mixing is crucial. We employ additional button key caps to shield unnecessary buttons. This strategic approach ensures that the color coating is only applied to the intended areas, effectively avoiding unwanted color overlap. After the coating process, removing these key caps reveals rubber buttons that retain their original, vibrant colors, ensuring a high-quality, visually appealing end product.

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