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Hey, have you ever heard of metal stamped terminals? They're like the superheroes of electrical connections! Think of them as those special metal parts that work their magic to keep your electronics running smoothly. They're made of tough materials like brass and stainless steel, and they come in all shapes and sizes-rings, spades, blades, whatever-ready

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One-stop Solution for Custom Metal Stamping Terminal Parts

We are an industry-leading supplier of stamped metal parts and assemblies for use in a variety of industries, and we specialize in precision terminals for demanding applications.

Stamped terminals are necessary to connect various circuits or systems. Sometimes called electrical connectors, these components are used to transfer electrical current from a power or grounding source to an electrical system.Almost all internal systems are controlled by an array of electrical terminals and connectors. These increasingly complex components manage a variety of functions while delivering critical feedback in real-time.


Raw Material

Becu, Beryllium Copper,phosphor copper,Brass, Copper,Stainless steel,Aluminium ,SGCC,SECC,steel,spring steel,Nickel-Silver… and all  different kinds of metal.


Roll material thickness is 0.05-3mm;sheet metal  thickness is 0.1-4mm.

Prototype & Mould

We make the prototypes or moulds according to the drawings that confirmed by both of us and customers!

Surface Treatment

Gold / Silver /Tin / Nickel / Zinc / Chromium / Copper-plating / Laser etching/Screen printing/Phosphating (can pass salt spray testing with 160 hours)/Black coating / Painting/ Power coating /Electrophoresis / Passivating /Deburring / Polishing / Brush acording to ROHS standard.


All different kinds of telecom products,Automotive,high-end digital cameras,Medical Equipment, Remote,Washing machines , vacuum cleaners,desk lamp,Furniture, Switch Power Supply,Socket,water heater,High-end toys,Calculator,Electrical,Interphone, Wireless Mouse, Wifi Router,Cordless telephone,mobile phone,Mobile DVD,Sounder.Auto Clutch,bicycle brake,scooter and so on.

Why Choose YJC?

1. Premium Material
2. Hight precision. The precision can reach 1-4μm,Ra 2μm.
3. Rational design. Accurate layout is good for produce and saving the product’s raw material.
4. Rational construction , easy accessibility. Good for maintenance and repair
5. Reasonable arrangement of technology
6. Right Heat treatment
7. Best suitable parts clearance
8. Standard component choose famous brand.
9. Strict QC quantity control .
10. Timely delivery and best service

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