ICU Tube Food Grade 30 To 80A Medical Silicone Rubber Hose

ICU Tube is a medical-grade silicone rubber hose used for transporting liquids or gases, commonly found in medical environments such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs). It is typically made from medical-grade silicone rubber material, certified for food-grade use, ensuring safe transportation of food or medication. Its hardness typically ranges from 30 to 80A and can

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Material:100% Silicone Material
Size:Can Be Custom-made
Certificate:SGS LFGB FDA ISO
Shore A:30~80A
Tolerance:+/-0.1~ +/-1mm

Silicone Rubber Tube For ICU,Factory customized all kinds of food grade silicone tube, medical silicone tube
Silicone Rubber Tube applies to the pipe of drinking water system, the heat insulation and insulation of electricity, the inside join of refrigeration equipment and gas apparatus. Silicone Bellows adopt high quality material,can be processed tube, it be produced according of the standard of medical treatment.

Rubber expansion joints provide a wide range of rubber support with a reinforcement that depends on the pressure required. These types of expansion joints isolate noise and vibration. When it comes to damage caused by vibration and movement, each rubber expansion joint protects piping systems by avoiding such hazards.

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  1. Temperature range:-60 oC – 200oC
  2. It has been specially processed, no poison and no smell, flaming resistance, good heatproof,aging resistance, it can bear 200 oC high temperature, high voltage and cook for many times.
  3. It is slick surface, soft and flexible
  4. It is harmless to health, softness, non-toxic,water-fast, odorless, durable
  5. Density range from 1.13 to 1.19,fast rebound,low thermal conductivity
  6. Vulcanization within 48 hours
  7. Could print your logo on it with marks,and other requirement
  8. Could supply you free sample that will be according to your requirement, such as size, thickness, color,and hardness


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