Electrical Connectors Electronic Contacts and Connectors

An electrical connector is a device that reliably connects electrical circuits for the transmission of power, signals or data. It is usually made of metal or other conductive material that provides safe electrical connection and disconnection." An "electrical contactor and connector" is a connector and contactor specifically designed for use with electronic equipment. These components

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Electrical Connectors Electronic Contacts and Connectors

Our electrical connectors and electronic contacts, vital in contemporary devices, are meticulously crafted from high-quality metals, ensuring stable connections and efficient signal transmission. ISO9001 certification underscores our products’ reliability. Utilizing advanced chemical metal etching, we guarantee smooth surfaces, robust corrosion resistance, and long-term stability even in harsh environments. This process not only boosts durability but also ensures precise signal transmission. Widely used in industrial automation, automotive electronics, communication devices, and medical instruments, our components excel in various conditions. Whether in high-temperature, high-pressure, or high-humidity settings, our products consistently meet diverse customer needs.


Material: galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc

Processing: tooling fabrication, stamping, deep drawing

Surface treatment: Natural/Anodized/Chrome Plating etc

Tolerance : ±0.01mm

Size: as customer’s requirement

Application: Electronics and Electrical Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics

Sample Time: 7-12 Days

Lead Time: 15-25 Days

Payment Term: T/T, L/C 30% deposits, before the ship to pay the balance end. Freight are quote under your request

Packages Term: PVC Bag + Carton + Pallet

Delivery Term: By sea/Express


Chemical metal etching is a precision machining technique that employs acids and specialized chemicals to dissolve specific areas of a metal sheet, resulting in highly accurate components. A masking film, created from the design, shields designated areas on both sides of the metal sheet, ensuring only the exposed areas undergo etching. It offers an efficient and effective fabrication method. For detailed insights, explore our metal etching process sections.

Our Service

  • Industry Specialization: We cater to pivotal industries such as telecoms, medical, electronics manufacturers, and automotive, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of each sector.
  • Chemical Metal Etching: Chemical Metal Etching, our core manufacturing process, is particularly suited for electrical and electronic applications. It not only offers exceptionally tight tolerances but also preserves the internal structure of the metal. This means the original conductivity, hardness, and grain structure remain intact, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Adherence to Quality Standards: All our processes adhere to the highest industry standards, including ISO9001 quality certifications. We provide full traceability, ensuring transparency and accountability in our manufacturing processes.
  • Comprehensive Industry Experience: With years in the electronics industry, advanced equipment, and a strong partner network, YJC excels in precision manufacturing. Count on our tailored solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence for all your electrical and electronic component needs.
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