Customized Replacement Nozzles For Shower Head Silicone Parts

Customized Replacement Nozzles are completed through an injection molding process, where heated silicone is injected into the mold and then cooled to solidify into shower head nozzles. The process is suitable for complex part designs and maintains the elasticity and durability of nozzles. We can provide mold designs, creating a custom replacement nozzle requires designing

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Customized Replacement Nozzles For Shower Head Silicone Parts


Silicone is commonly used for the production of shower head silicone parts due to its excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical inertness, and flexibility. Silicone is suitable for creating elastic components, such as nozzles, to accommodate various shapes and designs of shower heads.


Appearance: as customer’s requirement

Hardness range: 40°-90°C

Color: pantone color

Material: silicone

Size: standard parts or customized

Technology: silicone injection molding

Application: silicone shower head gasket for sanitary shower nozzles

OEM/ODM: available

Certificate: ISO-9001, ROHS

Package: cartons & pallets


  • Silicone Injection Molding: This is a common process for manufacturing silicone parts. It involves injecting heated silicone into molds and then cooling it to solidify into the desired shape. This process is suitable for complex part designs and maintains the elasticity and durability of silicone.
  • Mold Design: Creating custom replacement nozzles requires designing molds with specific shapes and dimensions. The quality of mold design directly influences the final product’s quality and adaptability.
  • Operation of Injection Molding Machine: An injection molding machine is used to inject heated silicone into molds. Operators ensure that the injected silicone fills the entire mold to guarantee the integrity and quality of the parts.
  • Cooling and Curing: After injection molding, the silicone needs to cool and cure. This ensures that the parts maintain their shape and characteristics at the end of the manufacturing process.
  • Quality Inspection: The final silicone parts undergo quality inspections to ensure they meet design specifications, have no defects, and can effectively replace the nozzles of shower heads.
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