Custom Silicone Rubber Epoxy Coating Keypads

"Silicone Rubber Epoxy Coated Custom Keyboards" are custom keyboards coated with silicone rubber and epoxy resin. These keyboards are commonly used in a variety of electronic devices for their durability and water resistance. The keyboards are coated with silicone rubber for a soft feel and durability. In addition, the keyboards are coated with epoxy resin

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Custom Silicone Rubber Epoxy Coating Keypads

Epoxy Keypads, also known as Epoxy Coated Keyboards & Buttons, represent a specific type of silicone rubber keypads surface protective and cover-coated process. In this method, the keypad surface is meticulously coated with epoxy resin, enhancing durability and functionality. Rubber Keypads with Epoxy Coating offer superior abrasion resistance and can withstand exposure to chemicals and oils. These Epoxy Silicone Keyboards boast a visually appealing and highly transparent surface, rivaling the performance of plastic button covers. When compared to silicone rubber keypads with traditional button caps, epoxy coated silicone rubber keypads not only provide enhanced flexibility but also significantly reduce production costs, making them an economical choice for various applications.

Production Process

In the common process of surface protection and coating for silicone rubber keypads, the Epoxy Resin Coating Keypad technique involves using a blend of epoxy resin and curing agent material. This mixture is carefully applied to the surface of silicone keypads. After a specific duration, the epoxy resin and curing agent naturally dry, creating a crystal-like effect.

This epoxy coating method can also be employed for conductive rubber keypads, imparting a tactile sensation similar to hard plastic. The key tops of epoxy keypads exhibit an intricate crystal beauty and offer excellent transparency, resembling the appearance of rigid PC PMMA plastic keypad caps.

Advantages of Epoxy Coating in Silicone Rubber Keyboards:

  • Elegant Aesthetics: Epoxy-coated silicone rubber keypads exhibit an ornate-crystal beauty and transparent effects, resembling hard PC or PMMA plastic keycaps. This enhances their visual appeal and user experience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to Plastic + Silicone Rubber (P+R) keypads, silicone epoxy keypads offer a significant cost advantage while providing equal flexibility and functionality.
  • Surface Protection: Epoxy resin technology not only enhances the appearance of silicone keypads but also safeguards their surface from damage. This method serves as a superior alternative to producing custom keypads with plastic keycaps.
  • Versatile Characteristics: Epoxy-protected silicone buttons possess waterproof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and decorative properties. The decorative aspect is exemplified by the crystal clear effect of epoxy, enhancing the gloss and longevity of the keypads. Consequently, epoxy rubber keyboards are widely utilized, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal in various applications.
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