Conductive Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Keypad

Conductive Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Keypad, also known as the conductive custom silicone rubber keypad, is a type of keypad component used in electronic devices. It is manufactured using compression molding technology and boasts excellent conductivity. We offer ODM and OEM services, serving as an affordable supplier for your needs.

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Conductive Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Keypad

Material: Silicone Rubber, Liquid Silicone Rubber

Color: transparent and other colors

Legends: Screen Printing or Laser Etching & Engraving

Molded Way: Compression Molding

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

Conductive rubber keyboard is a kind of keypad that can conduct electricity through a certain conductive rubber adhesive. When push down the key button that connect with the PCB, then the keypad can conduct electricity, while release the button, it will not conduct electricity.Conductive silicone rubber keypad and buttons are widely used in remote controller and various switches.

There are four choices for conductive rubber keypads:

  1. Conductive ink
  2. Carbon Pills
  3. Metal Domes
  4. Metal Pills(Copper & Golden Pills & Nickel Pills)

Specification of Conductive Rubber Keyboard

Specification of Conductive Rubber Keyboard

Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Structure

  1. Silicone Button & Key
  2. Silicone Button Pads
  3. Flexible Webbing for Buttons & Keys
  4. Button & Key Travel
  5. Conductive Materials: Carbon Pills & Graphite Pads etc.

Note: Silicone keyboard designers and manufacturers should consider not only actuation force but also the structure of silicone rubber keypads, including button travel, conductive materials, webbing, and surface requirements. This includes symbols, icons, protective keyboard covers, material selection, transparency, hardness, color coating, and more.

Silicone Rubber Keypad Conductors:

Conductive Ink Printing: Utilizes conductive ink, often infused with materials like graphite, for electrical conduction. An economical, additive process with some application limitations.

Black Carbon Pills: Molded into key actuators, these pills contain conductive carbon and close circuits when pressed, typically used in PCBs or flexible circuit traces.

Metal Domes: Tactile switch contacts, when paired with a circuit board or membrane, become normally-open tactile switches. Applied using pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, they enable electrical conduction based on dome switch force.

Copper, Gold, and Nickel Pills: Offering superior conductivity, gold pills are manually inserted, while nickel pills are quickly added using specific molds, with lower resistance and extended lifespan as key advantages.

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Conductive Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Keypad Conductive Custom Molded Silicone Rubber Keypad

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Conductive Silicone Keypad Applications:

Silicone raw materials can be customized for various applications, including colorful walkie-talkie silicone buttons. To meet specific customer requirements, different colors can be achieved, along with various technological and functional specifications:

Process Classification for Walkie-Talkie Silicone Buttons:

Screen Printing

Radium Carving


Glue Dripping

Classification of Interphone Silicone Buttons by Characteristics:

Ink Conductive

Black Particle Conductive

Flame Retardant

High-Temperature Resistance

Luminous Effects

Transparent Keys

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