Components Mould Stamping Precision Stainless Hardware Progressive

Precision Stainless Hardware Components adopt advanced processing technologies such as WEDM (wire cutting machining) and CNC (computer numerical control), and undergo meticulous surface treatment processes. These parts include silver, black, gold and other options, which can flexibly meet your preferences. You can also contact us for other novel ideas and our R&D team can realize

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Components Mould Stamping Precision Stainless Hardware Progressive

Components Mould Stamping Precision Stainless Hardware Progressive are engineered with a material thickness of 0.5mm, providing the option for tailored customization based on your specific needs. The color palette includes versatile options such as silver, black, gold, and more, allowing flexibility to match your preferences.

Utilizing advanced processing techniques like WEDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control), our components undergo a meticulous surface treatment process. This includes powder coating, plating, polishing, and brushing, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Rigorous testing, including 48H salt-spray testing, 2D testing, and plainness testing, ensures that these components meet the highest standards of quality.

For your convenience, each product is meticulously packaged, with options ranging from plastic bags to wooden cases or pallets, tailored to your specific needs. Our dedication to precision, durability, and customization sets these components apart, making them a reliable choice for a wide array of applications.


Type Of Die: progressive

Process: stamping, machining, iron casting

Material: stainless steel

Processing Way: WEDM,CNC

Surface treatment: powder coating, plating, polishing, brushing

Certifications: ISO 9001

Test: 48H salt-spray testing, 2D testing, plainness testing

OEM/ODM: available

Application: industrial, electronic, appliance, automotive, furniture, construction

Surface Finishing Techniques

  1. Powder Coating: The meticulous application of powder coating results in a robust layer that resists corrosion, ensuring the brackets’ longevity in various settings. This technique guarantees a uniform, smooth surface, elevating the overall aesthetic of the brackets.
  2. Plating: Expert plating enhances resistance and provides a lustrous finish, fortifying the brackets against wear and tear. This protective layer contributes to both durability and a polished look.
  3. Polishing: Thorough polishing gives rise to a reflective surface, intensifying visual allure and delivering a flawless appearance, infusing a sense of sophistication.
  4. Brushing: Gentle brushing introduces a textured finish, enhancing both visual and tactile appeal. This method imparts a distinctive and refined look to the brackets.


  • Industrial:

Incorporated into machinery and equipment, our Precision Stainless Steel Components guarantee smooth industrial operations through their robust and accurate design.

  • Electronic:

Leveraging CNC precision, our components prove ideal for electronic applications, elevating device performance and lifespan in the electronics sector.

  • Appliance:

Customized for household appliances, our components provide an impeccable fit and visual appeal, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of various home products.

  • Automotive:

From the manufacturing of vehicles to aftermarket modifications, our top-tier components contribute to the structural integrity and performance of automotive systems.

  • Furniture:

Adaptable and long-lasting, our stamped parts bring added value to the furniture industry, bolstering the stability and longevity of furniture pieces.

  • Construction:

In construction endeavors, our components play a vital role in ensuring structural integrity, meeting the diverse demands of this sector with their versatility and quality.

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