Black ABS battery enclosure, plastic injeciton molding

We offer stylish black ABS battery cases manufactured using precision injection molding technology. Made from durable ABS plastic, these battery cases not only provide strong protection for your batteries, but also have a sleek, professional look. Their impact resistance ensures that your batteries remain safe and secure in any environment. Our injection molding process ensures

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 For the past decade, our company has been honing its expert knowledge in producing plastic battery box molds and battery case moulds, accumulating a wealth of experience and industry savvy. This has made us well-equipped to meet the requirements of our patrons with our top-notch skill and commitment to excellence in the plastic battery box and battery case moulds sector.

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Our capability

Experience industry-leading lead times as fast as 20 days. Our extensive manufacturing employs injection machines ranging from 60 to 1300 tons, catering to various part sizes, complexities, and volumes. For precision requirements, tighter tolerances are available upon request. Partner with us for top-quality parts delivered on time and tailored to your specific needs.

Using our facility, we can create prototypes and plastic injection molding in-house, as well as design and assemble everything you need. We are a manufacturer and designer of plastic battery box .

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