What is Two-Shot Injection Molding?

Two-shot injection molding is a relatively new technology that is rapidly evolving. It eliminates the additional process of adding logos, images or text by replacing previous two-shot solutions. New computer technology and advanced materials have facilitated the development of two-shot technology.

People who aren’t familiar with two-shot molding may think it’s difficult. It does involve a second material and a second process, which adds another factor to the part creation process, but it’s really not that difficult.

Here are the basics of two-shot molding, whether you need a quick refresher or you’re new to injection molding.

What is two-shot injection molding?

Two-Shot-Molding-Bathroom-Liquid-Silicone-Components-Manufacturer-2 Two-Shot-Molding-Bathroom-Liquid-Silicone-Components-Manufacturer-1 Two-Shot-Molding-Bathroom-Liquid-Silicone-Components-ManufacturerTwo-shot injection molding is a two-step manufacturing technology that can create complex functional parts from a variety of materials extremely efficiently and quickly.

Benefits of two-shot molding:

Part consolidation: Two-shot injection molding reduces the number of parts in assembled products, resulting in an average savings of $40,000 in development, engineering, and validation costs per fewer numbered parts.

Improved efficiency: Two-shot molding allows many components to be molded with a single tool, reducing the workload required for manufacturing parts and eliminating the need for later welding or assembling components.

Enhanced quality: Using a single tool for two-shot molding results in tighter tolerances compared to other molding techniques, leading to high precision, repeatability, and lower scrap rates.

Complex shaping: Complex molded parts with two-shot injection molding can develop intricate mold designs, including multiple functional materials that are not attainable through other methods.

Applications of Two-shot Injection Molding

For complex, colored and multi-material silicone products, especially in high-volume production environments, two-shot injection molding is the best silicone molding technology.

Almost every industry, from consumer products to construction, uses two-shot molded parts, although they are most commonly used in situations that require:

Multicolor parts

Toys with moving parts

Flexible hinges

Overmolded parts

Multi-color or multi-material parts

Vibration or noise suppression

Automotive air conditioning or heating louvers

Flexible hinge parts

Power tool handles

Electric toothbrush handles

How does two-shot molding work?

Two-shot injection molding uses a machine configured to make two injections per cycle. In the first cycle, the nozzle injects plastic into the mold. The mold then automatically rotates and a second nozzle injects a new type of plastic into the mold.

What are the different types of two-shot injection molding?

There are several options, including rotating platens, moving cores, and overuse of two-shot molding. The first two require two processes, two-runner systems and a second injection unit.

What is dual injection?

The most popular method of producing components is called “double injection,” also known as two-shot injection, where soft silicone is used as a cover or in combination with thermoplastics.

Is injection molding easy?

Silicone injection molding is a fast process that can produce large quantities of highly accurate, identical parts. Silicone products are lightweight, easy to use and simplify everyday life.

Engineering Success

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Over the past 15 years, we have refined the science and art of two-shot molding. To streamline the process from concept to production, YJCPOLYMER offers the design, engineering and in-house tooling expertise you need. In addition, as a financially sound company, we are prepared to expand operations and increase capacity as our business and demand for two-shot molding grows. Therefore, if you have any design ideas about two-shot molding, you can communicate with our professional team, and we will be responsible for turning your ideas into reality.

Why should you persevere?

To help you make an informed decision about two-shot molding, our technical sales representatives are ready to provide you with the information you need. If you have any questions about two-shot molding, you can ask us at any time.

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