Water-Proof Silicone Sealing Rings Gasket For Crisp,Food Box, Fresh Box

Custom Silicone Sealing Rings are specialized rubber rings made from silicone material that are tailored to fit specific dimensions and requirements. These rings are designed to create a tight and secure seal between two mating surfaces, preventing leakage or ingress of dust, dirt, or moisture. They are commonly used in various industrial, automotive, aerospace, and

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Custom Silicone Sealing Rings

1. Categories: Silicone Tube/Strip/Ring

2. Products Name: Silicone Gasket for fresh box storage fruit sea food container gaskets / crisper silicone seal


3. Material: Food grade silicone

4. Service: OEM/ODM

5. Color: Customized as Pantone or RAL or color chip, single/multi/full color option)

6. Size: Customized

7. Thickness: Customized

8. Weight: Customized

9. Shape: Customized for cutting section shape

10. Technology: Extruding Molding

11. Material Hardness: Customized about 5~90 Shore A

12. OEM/ODM: Send sample or 2D/3D drawing file (with Weight/ Size/ Color/ 13.Hardness/ Main Uses

      (Application) / Temperature Range/ Print or Spray coating)

14. Package: As factory’s exporting Carton or Woven Bag, (insider with OPP bag), or customized



1. 100% food grade silicone material, BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate free, and EC / LFGB / FDA / SGS certification

2. Non-Toxic, No Smell, High Transparency, Not Yellowing, Colorfast, Soft, Good Elasticity, Resistance to kink
    deformation, Not Cracking, Tear Resistance, Re-Usable, Durable, Eco-Friendly;

3. Perfect Heat Insulation, Cold Resistant -60℃ (-140℉), High Temperature Resistance 250℃ (480℉), Can
    customized to 350℃ (660℉);

4. Silicone is not affected by extremes of weather in outside environment, such as hot, cold, dry and wet. It also
    has excellent resistance to UV and ozone degradation.

5. Safely used in the Dishwasher, Baking Oven, Microwave Oven, Cooking Equipment and Freezer. Easy to wash,
    store and transport. silicone gasket for fresh box storage fruit sea food container gaskets / crisper silicone seal ring.



1.Non-Toxic, No Smell, Tear Resistance, Re-Usable, Durable, Eco-Friendly, life-span reach 10 years

2.With good sealing function, water resistance, oil resistance, anti-aging, insulation, cools quickly and easy-to-clean

3.Good Heat Insulation, Temperature resistance range from -40℃ (-40℉) to 204℃ (400℉)

4.All manufacturing processes are strictly according to the request of ISO 9001

5.Tension of the joint: 30-50N, special spliced rings can meet higher requirements

6.Good surface of silicone rings, no spot, no oil contamination, good joint of silicone rings



Silicone sealing rings find widespread use in various industries, including food and beverage, medical equipment, chemical processing, automotive engineering, electronics, and household items. They are typically used to seal container lids, pipe interfaces, liquid transfer systems, and gas control systems, among other applications.

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