Umbrella Check Valves Durable Silicone Valves Air or Fluid Control

This medical silicone valve is produced in a clean workshop to ensure that the product is not contaminated, and precise production equipment ensures reliable performance. We provide various types of medical air valve solutions. Whether it is medical, industrial or other industries, we can customize them according to your needs.

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Umbrella Check Valves Durable Silicone Valves Air or Fluid Control


Material: Grade Food Grade & Biocompatible Silicone/EPDM/NBR/FVMQ/FKM

Application: General, Various Industries

Function: Air/Fluid Control

Structure: Check

Customized: OEM/ODM Available

Temperature of Media: High Temperature, Low Temperature, Medium Temperature, Normal Temperature

Brand Name: Custom

Media: Gas/Air/Water/Oil/Fluid

Hardness: 20-90 Shore A

Color: Transparent, Clear or Custom Color

Rubber Valve Type: One Way Check Valve/Umbrella/Duckbill/Flapper

Process: Compression Molding or Injection Molding

Working Temperature: -40-240 Degree

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It is a one-way valve that allows liquid to flow in only one direction and prevents it from flowing backwards. The valve is made of high-quality biocompatible silicone material and is durable. YJCPOLYMER uses advanced mold making and testing equipment to manufacture accurate and consistent molds, ensuring that every valve we produce meets the required specifications. We understand the importance of precise dimensions in the production of silicone umbrella check valves, and we have implemented strict quality control measures to ensure that every valve we produce meets the required specifications. This attention to detail has earned us a reputation for excellence in the silicone valve industry.

Silicone umbrella check valves are a versatile and reliable choice for many industries, but are especially widely used in the medical industry. Their durability, ease of installation, and temperature resistance make them a popular choice for businesses that require precision and reliability in their operations. With their eco-friendly designs, they are also a responsible choice for businesses looking to promote sustainability.

Silicone Umbrella Check Valve Leading Manufacturer

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We are a top silicone umbrella check valve manufacturer with rich experience in silicone molding, size control and silicone valve manufacturing. We have a liquid silicone injection molding workshop with a medical level of up to eight. We have dedicated teams responsible for the development, production, quality control, packaging, etc. of medical valves. In addition, if you have any questions after arrival, you can contact our after-sales team. Our commitment to quality and customer service has earned us a loyal following in the industry, and we continue to be a trusted partner to customers across industries who need custom silicone products. If you need customized silicone umbrella check valves and other products, please contact us.

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