U-Clip Craft Stainless Steel Fasteners Precision Nuts

U-Clip Fasteners Precision Nuts are made of Stainless Steel, certified to ISO 9001 standards, and have undergone rigorous testing, including 48H salt spray, 2D and flatness testing to ensure stable reliability. Our OEM/ODM options have customization potential, with customized clips and other products to meet specific customer requirements and preferences.

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U-Clip Craft Stainless Steel Fasteners Precision Nuts

  • Aesthetic Finishes for Enhanced Allure:

Elevate the visual appeal of our U-Clip Nuts with various finishes such as zinc plated, hot dip, galvanizing, plain, and black, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic charm.

  • Value Proposition: Premium Quality at Competitive Rates:

Experience the benefits of superior quality paired with competitive pricing, demonstrating our commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions while maintaining excellence.

  • Outstanding Post-Sale Support:

Reap the advantages of our unwavering dedication to exceptional after-sale service, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

  • Quality Assurance Certification:

Certified under ISO 9001 standards, our nuts undergo rigorous testing, including 48H salt-spray, 2D, and plainness testing, ensuring steadfast reliability.

  • Wide-ranging Applicability:

Discover the versatility of these nuts as they find applications across heavy industry, mining, water treatment, healthcare, retail, food & beverage, general industry, and oil & gas sectors, offering reliable solutions.

  • Tailored Customization with OEM/ODM Options:

Unlock the potential for customization with available OEM/ODM options, tailoring the product to meet specific client requirements and preferences.


Production Technology: stamping

Mould: multistep progressive dies

Process: stamping, machining, iron casting

Tolerance: 0.01mm

Color: silver, black, coppery, yellow, white, black, etc

Materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, steel, iron, alloy, zinc etc.

Advantage: high quality, competitive price and good after-sale service

Test: 48H salt-spray testing, 2D testing, plainness testing

Packing: plastic bag, carton and pallet or according to customer’s needs

Surface Finishes

  • Electrolytic Oxidation: Undergoing the process of electrolytic oxidation results in the formation of a durable oxide layer, enhancing the bracket’s resistance to corrosion. This protective coating ensures the bracket’s prolonged lifespan, particularly in challenging environments.
  • Precision Brushing: Employing meticulous brushing techniques creates a textured surface, enhancing both the visual and tactile aspects. This approach adds sophistication and a distinctive appearance, ultimately elevating the overall quality of the bracket.
  • Zinc Coating: Through the process of galvanization, a resilient layer of zinc is applied, reinforcing the bracket against rust and environmental factors. This method guarantees extended usability and preserves the structural integrity of the bracket.
  • Precision Marking: Laser engraving enables the incorporation of intricate designs and markings, ensuring product traceability and providing customization options for specific applications.
  • Detailed Branding: Screen printing facilitates the addition of detailed branding and labeling, delivering a professional finish. This technique ensures clear identification and contributes to a refined aesthetic for the bracket.
  • High-Quality Polishing: The polishing procedure results in a sleek, reflective surface, enhancing the bracket’s aesthetics and bestowing it with a premium appearance.
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