Standard Rubber Non Return Valve One Way Check Valve Silicone Duckbill Valve

The Standard Rubber Non Return Valve, also known as the One Way Check Valve Silicone Duckbill Valve, is a vital component in various fluid systems. Its unique duckbill design ensures fluid flows in only one direction, preventing backflow and maintaining system integrity. Made from high-quality rubber, this valve combines durability with reliability, offering a seamless

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Duckbill Valve

Duckbill valve is also known as a Duckbill check valve, a Rubber Check Valve, aflexible back pressure valve, a duck bill valve, and a slow closing rubber check valve.Duck bill valve material can use food grade silicone or rubber. If there is no internal pressure.the duckbill outlet will close on its own as the internal pressure gradually increases the duckbill outlet and theliquid is drained at high flow rates.


The valve opens when the corresponding pressure medium gas flows through the valve. As the flow rate orpressure increases the degree of opening of the duck bill valve, it also increases When the flow of waterstops, the backwater pressure or atmospheric pressure will firmly push the duckbill valve to preventbackflow of liquid or gas. The pressure required to open the duckbill valve is very low. The pressure of thesmall duck bill valve produced is generally to 5 kPa. With the duckbill valve opening and closingconveniently and sealing well, duckbill valve backflow can be effectively prevented liquid and gas, and meetthe application requirements in many fields. For example, medical devices, machines and devices foreveryday use, electronics, irrigation of devices, animal husbandry, etc.


Duckbill Valve Design Key Point

Duckbill Check Valves Quality, one depends on valves designs, materials & hardness choice, the otherdepends on slit cutting quality and equipment.When Design the Duckbill Valve slit cutting, there should be a flat surface on the slit cutting side as thefollowed picture shows, or the die-cutting tool can not positionning.

Duckbill Valve Main ApplicationDucbill Valves & LSR Duckbill Valve, as a sealing gasket and air & liquid flow control check valves andnipple nozzles, which is widely used in Breast Pump for mother and baby care products, is mainly madefrom FDA grade high-elastic silicone or LSR materials by compression molding & LIM.Duckbill Valve & Medical Silicone Lip Valve, generally, made from low compression and high-tearresistance silicone & LSR, as duck shaped lips should open at low air pressure for pressure relief, andalso critically close under higher air & hydraulic pressure for sealing & backflow functions. DuckbillValve, generally, as a lip check valve and membrane seals & gaskets, which combinated with siliconetubing and plastic tube connectors as a one way valve or flow control valve components, like: Patientvalve in manual resuscitator & respirator, CPR mask, Anesthesia apparatus & surgical eqipments,Sleep monitor, etc.

Our Duckbill Valves & Check Valves Production Advantage

1.Precision mold-making technology

2. Rich experience of check valve molded production and slit cutting (critical sealing function, high & loweopening pressure)

3. In-depth knowledge of elastomer valves for different application and usage4. Clean room for rubber valves production and assembly

5. Professional engineers, QC and sales team: one-way valve’s flow control technology6. One-stop service: Silicone Rubber, Plastic & LSR molded production, assembly and packaging7. Value-added serice for one-way valve designs support according to your ideas and requirement details

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