Standard Connector Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask Disposable Medical Accessories Comfortable

Our disposable medical oxygen mask connector is ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use. This standard connector can be customized to fit the size of adult or pediatric patients. This product is made of PC material, easy to connect oxygen mask, safe and effective. This connector also meets international medical device quality standards, so buyers can

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Standard Connector Non-Rebreather Oxygen Mask Disposable Medical Accessories Comfortable


The Comfort Touch oxygen mask connection tracheal tube head connector designed by YJCPOLYMER is produced using plastic injection molding technology to provide oxygen to patients and ensure effective respiratory support while prioritizing comfort and ease of use. It helps to bypass the mouth and nose and deliver oxygen directly to the trachea. Whether it is an adult or pediatric patient, we have designed the appropriate size. If you have other customized needs, you can also contact us directly.


DEHP-free material: Made of PC material and DEHP-free material, ensuring safety and compatibility for medical purposes.

Right-angle connector: The pipe connector can be used for convenient connection, is ergonomic, and provides patients with flexibility at different angles.

Size selection: Factory-produced connectors are available in large quantities in adult and pediatric sizes to meet the needs of different patients.

Transparent design: The color is transparent and light green, allowing the patient’s condition to be clearly seen and ensuring comfort during use.

Certification: CE and ISO certification, in line with international quality standards for medical devices, quality worthy of the trust of customers and patients.

User’s Guidance:

Connect the tubing between the tracheal mask and oxygen source.

Rotate the endotracheal mask inlet to position the tube for a supine or upright patient.

Adjust oxygen flow to appropriate levels and ensure proper oxygen delivery through the device.

Make sure all connections are tight to prevent leaks.

Secure the mask by placing the elastic band behind the neck and adjusting until snug.

Additional Information:

Silicone Mask Connector: This product is a silicone mask connector, which facilitates the connection between the mask and the trachea of the oxygen supply machine. It seamlessly integrates any oxygen mask with gas from a CPAP or oxygen machine, preventing leaks for enhanced versatility and usability.

Compatibility: This connector is compatible with standard CPAP or oxygen machines, with a 22mm diameter oxygen mask opening and a 22mm diameter CPAP or oxygen machine tubing connector. Other sizes of connectors are also available.

Material: Made of shatterproof PC material, resistant to tearing and aging, ensuring durability and longevity.

Manufacturing Process: The connector is produced by plastic injection molding to ensure precise dimensions and stable quality.

Usage Note:

Although this connector is reusable, please pay attention to cleanliness when using the connector to ensure safety and hygiene.

Featuring ergonomic design, superior comfort and reliable performance, this connector is an essential medical accessory to deliver oxygen to patients effectively and safely.

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