Splash Proof Open Bottle Cup Covers Lids Replacement Compatible Material

Bottle cup covers lids are made of thick, strong plastic that is not prone to cracking. The design of the opening is easy to open the water cup and check the water capacity in the cup, while convenient reference, and achieve the purpose of beauty and practicality. The rubber seal around the bottom ensures a

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Splash Proof Open Bottle Cup Covers Lids Replacement Compatible Material


Suitable for cup openings with an inner diameter of: 3.15-3.23 inches.

Made of thick and strong plastic.

Designed for easy visibility of contents and level.

Easy to open and cover the water glass.

Rubber seal around the bottom ensures a tight fit inside the cup.

Helps reduce splashing.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but not microwave-safe.

Opening designed for easy drinking.

Aesthetic and sealing purposes, helps prevent accidental spills.

Reasons to Choose Us:

High-Quality, BPA-Free Materials: Our cup lids are made from premium materials that are healthy for our bodies and free from harmful chemicals.

Leak-Proof and Splash-Proof: Featuring a sliding closure mechanism, our lids minimize messy accidents, ensuring your drinks stay contained.

Straw-Friendly Design: Our one-open design allows for the addition of an extra straw for added convenience.

Customizable Options:

We accept orders in large and small batches and can customize your plastic cups according to your required colors, specifications, sizes, materials, packaging, etc.


FDA approved Silicone plug and band ensure NO SPILLS.

BPA, phthalates, and chemical leach-free, making it safe for everyday use.

The silicone plug and band guarantee a tight seal, preventing leaks and spills.


Our Splash-Proof Open Bottle Cup Covers Lids Replacement offers a convenient and reliable solution for sealing cup openings with an inner diameter of 3.15-3.23 inches. Crafted from thick and durable plastic, these lids are designed for easy visibility of the contents and level of your beverage. The easy-to-open design allows for effortless access to your drink, while the rubber seal ensures a tight fit inside the cup, reducing splashing and preventing spills.

Our cup lids are not only functional, but also beautiful, enhancing the overall look of your drinkware. The leak-proof and splash-proof sliding closure minimizes messy accidents, giving you peace of mind during use. Plus, our lids fit straws and extra straws can be added for added convenience.

For your peace of mind, our cup lids are made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, prioritizing your health and safety. FDA-approved silicone stoppers and straps ensure no spills and are also free of harmful chemicals like phthalates. This product is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, but must not be used in the microwave.

All in all, our splash-proof bottle opener replacement cup lids combine functionality, durability, and safety, making them ideal for sealing cups and preventing spills. With customizable options available, you can personalize your lid to suit your preferences and needs. Our factory’s mold design and precision production enable your custom plastic open cup ideas to be perfectly realized.

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