Slicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves Protective Holders Anti-Slip Protection for Glass Containers

Slicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeve is a highly practical glass water bottle protector, specifically designed to safeguard your glass containers. Crafted from high-quality silicone material, it boasts soft and durable characteristics, providing anti-slip and protective features for your glass water bottles. With this protective sleeve, you can confidently use your glass bottles without worrying about

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Slicone Glass Water Bottle Sleeves Protective Holders Anti-Slip Protection for Glass Containers

We offer custom silicone cup sleeves, allowing you to choose colors, shapes, and packages of our wholesale silicone products. Whether you want a specific shade, unique design, or personalized packaging, our wholesale silicone products can be tailored to your requirements. With our custom silicone cup sleeves, you can showcase your brand in a way that stands out from the competition.


Our premium quality Silicone Sleeves provide flexible protection, insulation and better grip for your glass water bottles for easy transporting. No more worries about your glass bottles breaking.

Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, these attractive, colorful sleeves help you carry your beverages with ease. Ideal for the person who loves to drink in glass bottles, but wants them to be protected and in style. Throw your bottle in your backpack, purse, lunchbox or briefcase. Take it to the gym and make hydrating while traveling easy.

Good for the Planet & You

We all know drinking from plastic bottles isn’t great for the environment and not so fresh tasting and can leach chemicals. If you crave delicious fruit & vegetable juices but fear breaking glass bottles, the VAS Exclusive carrier sleeve has you covered by making your bottles breakage free. By using these reusable sleeves with your glass bottles, you can feel great about not contributing to the landfills.

✔ TAKE IT TO-GO: Excellent for on-the-go use where you need protection for your bottle. Use it everyday for the gym, work, travel & school.

✔ DRINK & MEAL PREP ORGANIZATION: Like to meal prep each week? Make your infused water, juice, tea, cold brew coffee, kombucha or smoothies ahead of time and use the colors for easy identification.

Product Features:

  • REUSABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY – a reusable silicone sleeve made from 100% non-toxic medical grade silicone; reduces plastic landfill & protects your glass water bottle from damage
  • GET A GRIP – the VAS Exclusive cover sleeve helps you keep a firm grip on your cold and slippery bottle when on the go, so you won’t run into trouble and drop it
  • SHIELDS AGAINST ORDEALS – extra thick silicone helps prevent daily wear and tear while absorbing shocks and drops; it also protects tables against heat and wet rings too!
  • EASY TO CLEAN – dishwasher-safe while the cover sleeve is on the water bottle, means easy cleaning; to put on or take it off, use a little soapy water on the sleeve & the glass
  • FITS MANY BOTTLE BRANDS – A perfect fit for VAS Exclusive by All About Juicing orignial series glass bottles. If using for another bottle, measure to ensure a fit

Silicone Sleeve’ Surface Text & Logo Treatment:

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Embossed Logo
  • Hydrographics Transfer Printing
  • Roll Pringting
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