Silicone Travel Mug Water Bottle Sleeve

"Custom Silicone Travel Mug Water Bottle Sleeve" is a custom silicone sleeve designed for travel mugs or water bottles. The product is a sleeve that is used to wrap around a travel mug or bottle to provide both protection and decoration. It is typically made of a soft silicone material that provides flexibility and durability,

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Custom Silicone Travel Mug Water Bottle Sleeve

Silicone Travel Mug Sleeve is also called silicon sleeve, silicone sheath, rubber sleeve, which is made ofelastic silicone rubber ( MVO ) materials by compress mold with horizontal stripe, working like bushingbellows, damper or bumper, etc. Other rubber sleeves are mainly made of EPDM, neoprene, NR, NBRPTFE materials. etc, and some of them are molded with metal parts like bronze, steel, brass and so on.


Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves Features:

Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves are heat insulated and good anti-scalding products, the same to insulatinggloves, which provide insulation for hot and cold water, especially for coffee cup and baby bottle. Siliconebottle sleeve help insulate drinker’s hands from hot cup and bottle and prevent breakage and leakageCommon Sleeves: coffee cup sleeves, glass water bottle sleeves, baby botle sleeves, cup sleeves, travel mug siliconesheath, etc.

Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves are good anti-skid ring products as materials stickiness and sleeves surfacenon-slip grip designs pattern for baby drink bottles and glass bottles, which protect milk bottle or waterbottle from breakage, and kids can firmly hold the bottle by their little hands.

Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves are good shock proof and breakage proof elastomer rubber sheath, serving as rubber damper or rubber bumper.

Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves can be made of 100% FDA food grade silicone, which is BPA free, non-toxicmainly used for milk or baby water bottle, water glass, etc.


Custom Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves Requirements:

1.Offer 2D, 3D design drawings or samples, and also tell us your sizes telorance demands2.Sleeves Materials Demands: Silicone (MVO) Neoprene, NBR, EPDM etc, or tell us operatingenvironments, functions etc. If silicone sleeves, please tell us if need use FDA grade silicone

3.Rubber Sleeves Color Demands

4.Durometer Demands (Hardness Shore A

5.Rubber Sleeves Surface Demands

6.Sleeves Parting Line Demands

7.Silicone Sleeves Flashing Demands etc.

Dfferent Silicone Rubber Sleeves durometer demands. surface demands, parting lines demands or rubberflashing demands have different production difficulty and production cost. Epecially for mold- makingtechnology demands, compression mold steel choice, mold maintain when mass production etc.


Silicone Travel Mug Sleeves Production Our Advantage:

1.Own Precision Mold-Making Technology and Production Plantsie. Silicone rubber compression molded parts can up to +/-0.02mm, small or mini flashing, parting linecontrols

2.One-step Service:

Own Mold-making Plant Siliconer Rubber Compression Plant, Plastic Injection Plant, Liquid SiliconeRubber Compression Plant and Assembly PlantOur company can timely adjust and improve molding and go on producing when find sleeves dimensionaldeviation, parting line or flashing too big, surface problem, which can save customers time and ship ontime.

3.Professional Sales Teams, will also well work together with mold designing department, QC department

4.Ouality Control.After products quality confirm, we control sleeves production quality strictly according to ISO90015Well-deserved Reputation Company.

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