Silicone Rubber Keymat With Backlit Effect

Backlight Silicone Rubber Keymat, known as Backlit Silicone Keypad & keyboard, backlight keymat & backlit rubber keyboard.

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Silicone Rubber Keymat With Backlit Effect




Product Description

Backlight Silicone Rubber Keymat, known as Backlit Silicone Keypad & keyboard, backlight keymat & backlit rubber keyboard. Silicone Backlight Keypad, which make full use of transparent & translucent silicon materials characeteristics, compatible with LED lighting in aim to get backlight symbols & icons or legends & icon’s backgrounds.





Specification of Silicone Rubber Keymat With Backlit Effect

Material: Silicone Rubber, Liquid Silicone Rubber

Color: transparent and other colors

Size:  According to your drawings

Hardness: Shore A 30°~ 80°

Legends: Ink Coating & Laser Etching

Molded Way: Compression Molding

Performance: Aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical stability

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949

OEM/ODM: Available

Samples: free available samples

Logo: Customized (Silkscreen logo, embossed or debossed logo)


Back light Silicone Rubber Keypad & Keyboard, mainly have three types:

  1. Laser Etched
  2. Make full use of Transparent & Translucent silicone keypad’s materials.
  3. Take full advanatge of transparent silicone and color coating surface.



Exploring Different Processes for Backlit Silicone Keypads


  1. Laser Etched & Cut Silicone Keypads


Laser etched and cut silicone keypads are a common choice for backlighting. They are created by applying a surface layer of color coating or utilizing screen printing on rubber keypads, followed by precision laser cutting. This process aims to achieve illuminated legends, icons, or background backlight effects. After laser etching, it is advisable to coat the silicone rubber keypad surface with materials like PU coating or matte smooth coating to enhance durability and protection.


  1. Transparent & Translucent Backlight Keypads


Transparent and translucent backlight keypads leverage the inherent qualities of transparent silicone or transparent silicone mixed with pigments to achieve desired backlighting effects. Some translucent silicone backlights also opt for color coating on the keyboard to block excess light.


  1. Screen Printed Backlight Keypads


Screen printed backlight keypads feature legends on the silicone surface that are produced using silk screen printing and transfer machines. Typically, most screen-printed backlight keypads do not include protective coatings to maximize backlighting effects. However, when employing color-coated legends or laser-engraved legends, surface protection becomes essential.


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