Silicone Rubber EPDM Gasket Seal Washer Wholesale

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Custom EPDM Gasket,Seal,Washer Wholesale

EPDM Gasket, also known as EPDM Rubber Gasket,EPDM Seal and EPDM Washers, is made of EPDM compound material(commonly black colorwhich has superior resistance to Ozone,water and steam making it the best choice for long term UV exposure and outdoor sealing applications.EPDM Seal is usually manufactured by compression molding, rubber iniection molding and die cut tool.


EPDM Gasket Material

EPDM Gasket has good physical properties,excellent anti-oxidation,anti-ozoneanti-erosion and vulcanization. EPDM rubber gasket also has low desityand hichly filing property, so EPDM sealing gasket usualy is made into ow-cost rubber compunds.EPDM washer has cood resistance toheat,lightoxygen; EPDM 0 ring has low water absorption and good insulation,so EPDM rubber seal can be widely used for auto parts, waterproofmaterials for building industry, wire & cable sleeve, heat-resistant rubber tube, rubber belt, automobile sealing and gaskets,etc. EPDM seals generallywork in -55~150C,which has good resistance to weather ozone water. chemicals, and can be used for alcoholic 8 carbonvlic components, sealings underhigh temperature steam environment,bathroom eguipmentautoradiator & braking svstems

EPDM Gasket Specification

Polymer: Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-MonomerMaterial Color: Black,White
Duromater rating(Hardness): 40~70 Shore ATemperature Range:-55C~+150
Density: 0.87g/cm3Elongation: 350%
Tensile Strength: 1100 PS
Grades: Commercial. FDA. Peroxide Cured
Mold Methods: Compression Molding, lnjection Molding, Transfer lnjection Molding, Extrision Molding

EPDM Sealing Gasket & O Rings ApplicationApplications fields:

  • Aging resistance field
  • Waterproof field
  • Corrosion resistance field
  • Electrical insulation field

Applications for specific products:

  • Light-colored sidewall of tireHeat resistant conveyor beltCable & wire
  • Corrosive resistant lining
  • Sealing gasketWaterproofing membrane for buildingSealing strip for doors and windows
  • Accessories for household appliance
  • Plastic modification
  • EPDM Roofing


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