Silicone Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber Face Mask Cushion

Our best-selling product, the Silicone Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber Face Mask Cushion, is manufactured using silicone injection molding technology. In addition to this flagship item, we offer comprehensive ODM and OEM services to meet diverse customer needs.

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Manual Resuscitator Mask

1.Materials: Silicone/LSR/PVC etc.

2.Sizes/Types: Neonate, Infant, Pediatric, Adult etc.

3.Materials Hardness: 15 Shore A -90 Shore A

4.Disposable Mask: PVC; Reusable Mask: Silicone/LSR.

5.Working Temperature: LSR: -20°C – 450°C; Silicone: -40°C- 230°C; PVC -10°C- 85°C

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Product Cat. No. Specification Description
Anesthesia Mask 5401100 Neonate(0#) 15mmOD, Non-inflatable
Anesthesia Mask 5401110 Infant (1#) 15mmOD, inflatable
Anesthesia Mask 5401120 Child (2#) 22mmID, inflatable
Anesthesia Mask 5401130 Small Adult (3#) 22mmID, inflatable
Anesthesia Mask 5401140 Medium Aduit (4#) 22mmID, inflatable
Anesthesia Mask 5401150 Large Adult (5#) 22mmID, inflatable

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Equipments & Advantage:

1. Five workshops: Mold-Making, Silicone Rubber Compressive, Plastic Injection, LSR Injection, and Assembly workshop.

2. Mold-Making Equipment: CNC, Mirror EDM, EDM, Slowspeed Wire Cut M/C and other auxiliary equipment etc.

3. Production Equipment: 15 Sets Rubber Compressive Machines, 8 Sets Haitian Plastic Injection Machines, 2 Sets LSR Injection Machines.

4. Test Equipment: 3D Projectors, Sealing Testor, Elasticity Measurement, Durometer etc.

5. Dustfree Environment: LSR injection Machines, 3 Sets Rubber Compressive Machines, and Assembly Line in 100,000 rating Dust-free Plants.

6. Senior engineers will provide you with technical support and solutions.

7. Quote and provide samples quickly according to 2D/3D drawings or samples.

8. ISO9001 international quality system certification, professional QC personnel control the quality of products, to ensure that the factory 100% qualified

9. The products are manufactured in the country of origin and customized for all kinds of medical and food grade silicone products, with market competitiveness.

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