Silicone Medical Cushion Mask Custom CPAP CPR Mask

The Silicone Reusable Mask is an essential part of the manual resuscitator and is made of clear liquid silicone rubber (LSR) using LSR injection molding technology. Also known as the Medical Oxygen Mask or Silicone and LSR Mask, its liquid silicone rubber construction improves precision, resulting in fewer parting lines and silicone fretting.

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                                                                                  LSR Anesthesia Mask

The Silicone Reusable Face Mask, also known as the Medical Oxygen Mask, Liquid Silicone Mask, or Silicone and LSR Mask, is a crucial component of a manual resuscitator. It is made from clear Liquid Silicone Rubber using LSR Injection Molding technology. The choice of Liquid Silicone Rubber as material for the Silicone Reusable Face Mask offers greater precision, with smaller parting lines and less silicone flashing.

Manufacturing the Silicone Reusable Face Mask using Liquid Injection Molding increases its safety. LSR is platinum-cured and achieves 100% food grade.

The Silicone Reusable Face Mask by Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding is highly efficient, with a shorter cycle time. This makes it a superior choice for mass production.



Our Advantage:

l. Precision Mold-Making Technology (Since 1998)

2. Competitive Price: Origin Manufacturer

3.Experienced designers: offer technology/production/design/artwork support etc.

4. Production and Test strictly according to ISO9001.

5. Complete Production Plant, Equipment, Environment





There are different sizes for the liquid silicone masks: large, medium and small. We can customizeaccording to customers’ 2/3D drawings or samples and produce high precision mask for customers.



1.Transparent mask shell is convenient for observation in the mask vomit, bloodstained, natural breathing in patients

2.Mask joint is the standard diameter 22/15 mm (conform to standard: ISO5356-1).

3.The mask is made of silica gel material, conform to the requirements of the ISO10993 medical biological evaluation.

4.This product conform to the requirements of the eu MDD/directive 93/42 / EEC.5.Latex free

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1.One-stop servicer
2.DFM Moldflow
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4.Focus on tool life and tool making+
5.Mullti-componentLSR product-
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7.Molding & Post molding+
8.Experience and Patents+
9.YJC has comprehenceive Quality Management system+

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