Silicone Emergency Manual Breath Resuscitator Parts

"Silicone Emergency Manual Breath Resuscitator Parts" refers to silicone components used to assemble emergency manual breath resuscitators. These parts include masks, breathing bags, valves, connecting tubes, etc., utilized to provide assistance to individuals in need of emergency respiratory support, such as during respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest situations. Silicone material is commonly used for manufacturing

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Silicone Resuscitator, also known as silicone manualresuscitator, silicone resuscitator autoclavable and LSRresuscitator, is an silicone oval-shaped ball used forcontinued oxygen supply and assisted ventilation. Thesilicone resuscitator is connected with an intake valveoxygen reservoir bag and patient valve. When squeeze thesilicone manual resuscitation, oxygen will be transferredfrom the reservoir to patients’ lungs.


Manual Resuscitator Material

  • Silicone/LSR manual resuscitator
  • PVC manual resuscitator
  • SEBS manual resuscitator

What We Do?

  • We will flexibly meet the special needs of customers, including mass customization, color selection, accessories, etc.
  • We will provide product packaging and marking services to ensure the safety of the product during transportation and storage, and include necessary information such as instructions for use and product specifications.
  • We will provide a full range of services, including silicone mold manufacturing, assembly, air tightness testing and quality control.
  • We provide customized services, including silicone material, mask size, airbag capacity, etc.



What is the Difference Between Silicone Resuscitatorand PVC Resuscitator?

Silicone resuscitator is made of medical grade liquid silicone by LSR injection molding. PVC manualresuscitator is made by plastic injection molding. Compared with PVC/SEBS, cost of liquid siliconematerial is much higher. However, liquid silicone is more eco-friendly to environment.


  Product Description  1.Latex-free Components
 2.Built-in 60/40cm H2O Pressure Relief Valve
 3.The Set Includes Oxygen Reservoir Bag,PVC Mask And Oxygen Tubing
 4.Additional Accessories (Airway,Mouth Opener),Custom Label Available
 5.Built-in 30mm Exhale Port For PEEP or Filter Attachment(Optional)


  • The ventilation bag valve mask is highly reactive with fast recoil and excellent stroke volume, lessening tiredness to the rescuer. The thin-walled compression bag provides an excellent feel of lung compliance and helps avoid excessive ventilation that could damage the lungs.
  • The aiders can see lip color, secretion, vomit and fogging caused by exhalations from the patients during ventilation through semi-transparent mask.
  • The swivel between the mask and valve permits 360°positioning which is more convenient and flexible for the rescuer’s operation.
  • The integrated intake and reservoir valve can be connected to an external oxygen supply when needed. The oxygen can then be stored in the oxygen reservoir bag connected to the valve.
  • The non-rebreathing valve and PEEP-valve can help keep the air pressure within an appropriate value and keep lungs from over inflating
  • The one-way patient valve allows air to flow to the patient, without air from the patient reentering the ventilation bag.
  • All materials are not made with natural rubber latex.
  • The whole set consists of a face mask, an oxygen tubing, PEEP-valve, inlet valve and a reservoir bag.
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