Silicone Developing Oral Strength Custom Straw Easy-Grip Cups

Custom Straw Easy-Grip Cups feature gentle silicone straws designed to be gentle on gums and new teeth. Straw stoppers to prevent accidental removal of straws. The curved straw design complies with pathologist recommendations. It's the ideal solution to the inevitable mess that occurs when transitioning from bottles to large children's cups, and comes in a

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Silicone Developing Oral Strength Custom Straw Easy-Grip Cups 

Introducing our Silicone Straw Cups, the ideal solution for the inevitable mess during the transition from bottles to big kid cups at dinner. Crafted with both little ones’ independence and parents’ cleanup convenience in mind, these cups are designed to simplify the learning-to-drink process.

Recommended by speech pathologists, our Silicone Straw Cups are tailored for the in-between stage when toddlers are ready to move away from bottles but not quite ready for lidless cups. Constructed from easy-grip silicone, these cups are perfectly sized and textured for little hands refining fine motor skills.

Equipped with straw lids featuring built-in stoppers, our cups empower children to drink independently without creating a mess. The soft silicone straws are gentle on gums and developing teeth, while the curved design supports correct jaw positioning, proper lip closure, and oral strength development.

Key Features:

Food Grade Silicone: BPA, PVC, phthalate, and filler-free for worry-free sipping.

Gentle Silicone Straws: Designed to be kind on gums and emerging teeth.

Straw Stoppers: Prevents accidental straw removal.

Curved Straw Design: Aligned with speech pathologist recommendations.

Measurement Markings: Simplifies pouring the perfect amount.

Sturdy Bottom: Say goodbye to tipping cups during meals.

Dishwasher Safe: Effortless cleanup for busy parents.

Bonus Straw Cleaner: Ensuring hygiene with every sip.

Available in 4 oz and 8 oz Options: Accommodates varying thirst levels.

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