Silicone Conductive Rubber for PS4 Controller Adhesive Button Keypad Accessories

No matter the scale of your project, we've got you covered with our comprehensive one-stop service. From your initial idea to the finished product, we handle every step of the production process. Count on us to deliver top-notch Silicone Rubber Conductive Buttons with Carbon Pills tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring you get the quality

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Our one-stop service for Silicone Rubber Conductive Buttons with Carbon Pills encompasses a comprehensive support system, from concept to finished product:

  1. Customized Design: Our team collaborates with you to design silicone rubber conductive buttons that meet your specific requirements and specifications.
  2. Material Selection: We provide expert advice to assist you in selecting the most suitable silicone rubber materials and types of carbon particles for your application to ensure performance and reliability.
  3. Rapid Prototyping: To validate design and functionality, we offer rapid sample production and testing, ensuring the product meets your expectations.
  4. Custom Manufacturing: Once samples are approved, we initiate mass production to ensure you receive the required quantity of buttons promptly.
  5. Quality Control: We implement stringent quality control procedures to ensure the performance and reliability of each silicone rubber conductive button.
  6. Packaging and Delivery: We provide custom packaging options and ensure on-time delivery of products to your facility.
  7. After-Sales Support: Our customer support team is available to provide technical support, answer your questions, address issues, and ensure your satisfaction.

Whether you require small-scale custom production or large-scale batch manufacturing, our one-stop service covers the entire production process from the initial concept to the final product, ensuring you receive high-quality, reliable Silicone Rubber Conductive Buttons with Carbon Pills that meet your specific needs.


Quickly Keypad Quotation Demands:

1. Offer 2D/3D Design drawings, Samples or tell us your basic information
2. Surface Demands: Legends Demands, Key & Button Color Demands, SprayColor Coating, Key-Setting
3. Protective Coating: PU Coating, Epoxy Coating, Matte Smooth, Plastic & Metal Keycap (Key Cover)
4. Electrically Contact Ways: Black Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Prining, Metal Dome, Or only need Silicone Rubber Keypad Cover.
4. Contact Resistance: 10-250 Ohm
5. Actuation Force: 40g-300g
6. Quantity Demands: FOQ & EAU

Conductive way Life Time Resistance Diameter Thickness Advantage Disavantage
Carbon Pills Above 10 Millions 10-100 Ohms 1.5-8 mm 0.2-0.6 mm Lower Resistance 
Stable Life Time
Shape Limited
Conductive Ink Printing Above 10 Millions 50-350 Ohms Available 10-20 Microns Any Shape is Available Resistance Limited
Metal Domes Above 10 Millions 1-100 Ohms Available 0.05mm-0.1mm Lower Resistance  Bad Tactile Feel 
Without Dust Free Functions
Metal Pills Above 10 Millions 1-100 Ohms Available 0.05mm-2mm Lower Resistance  Low Production Efficiency     High Unit Price

Our Advantage:
1. Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998 year
2. Competitive Price
    a. Own Mold-Making
    b. Own Silicone Rubber Compression Plant
    c. Own Plastic Injection Plant
    d. Own Liquid Silicone Injection Plant (Dust-free)
    e. Own Assembly Plant (Dust-free)   
3. Quality Assurance: Production and Test according ISO9001:2008 standards
4. One Stop Service:
    a. Experienced Technical Persons, Salesman & Workers
    b. Deal with Keypad Mold Design, Mold-Making, Silicone Rubber Keypad, Screen Printing, Color Coating, PU Coating, Matte Smooth, Laser Etched, Epoxy Coating
    c. Design&Sizes Test, Actuation Force Test, Backlighting Test etc.
5. Rapid Reaction Customer Service.


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