Silicone Air flow Umbrella Check Valve Medical Grade

Silicone Air flow Umbrella Check Valve has good biocompatibility and will not cause allergic reactions, ensuring its good compatibility with other surrounding medical supplies. Its design makes the convex diaphragm elastic, and when installed on the valve seat, it can flatten the valve seat, absorb irregularities and generate sealing force.

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Silicone Air flow Umbrella Check Valve Medical Grade

The Silicone Air Flow Umbrella Check Valve is a resilient valve component that has stood the test of time and finds extensive applications across various industries. Its unique design includes a sealing disk resembling an umbrella, also known as a convex diaphragm, making it an ideal choice for backflow prevention devices, one-way valves, vent valves, pressure relief valves, metering valves, and more.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for vessel vent valves in automotive fuel tanks, in- and outlet valves for piston- and diaphragm pumps, one-way check valves in (disposable) breathing masks, and numerous other fluid control functions in medical devices, home appliances, cars, and toys.
  • Elastic Design: The convex diaphragm exhibits elasticity and, when mounted in a seat, flattens against the valve seat, absorbing irregularities and creating a sealing force.
  • Anti-Backflow Characteristics: The umbrella valve allows forward flow when the head pressure lifts the convex diaphragm from the seat, enabling flow at a predetermined pressure in one direction and preventing backflow immediately in the opposite direction.
  • Medical-Grade Materials: Crafted from medical-grade silicone, ensuring product safety and reliability, in compliance with medical device and other relevant industry requirements.
  • High Adaptability: Exhibits strong adaptability to different working environments, with excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, guaranteeing stable operation over extended periods.

All in all, the Silicone Air Flow Umbrella Check Valve, with its reliable performance and wide range of applications, provides an ideal solution for various fluid control scenarios.

What Is the Advantage of Silicone Umbrella Valves Over Other Valve Types?

Distinct from other valve types like spring-loaded disc valves, the primary advantage of an umbrella valve lies in its utilization of elastic material properties and a preloaded convex shape to generate the sealing force against the seat. It achieves this without the necessity for supplementary elements like a spring or central/circumferential disc positioners. This streamlined design not only simplifies the assembly but also enables the valve to fit into confined spaces, reduces the overall components in a valve, facilitates assembly procedures, and, importantly, proves to be highly cost-effective.

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