Shower Head Nozzles Made with Precision Craftsmanship

Shower Head Nozzles The silicone shower gasket of this product ensures even water flow; the gasket sealing design ensures no leakage. The spray effect is excellent, giving you a perfect shower experience even under different water pressures. Color, appearance, gaskets, etc. can all be customized according to your design drawings, as long as you contact

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Shower Head Nozzles Made with Precision Craftsmanship

Process & Technology

In pursuit of durable quality, we use top-grade ABS material to create this shower enjoyment set – Shower Head Nozzles Made with Precision Craftsmanship, ensuring that the product is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Utilize advanced overmolding technology to create a smooth and flawless appearance, highlighting elegant texture. The key components are first plastic injection molded and then silicone injection molded. Not only the hole positions are precise, but the appearance is seamless, which greatly improves product performance and service life.


The uniquely designed shower head provides excellent spraying effect, and the silicone shower head gasket ensures even water flow, providing a rain-like showering experience even under different water pressures. Our shower head gasket seal design ensures no leakage, giving you a perfect shower experience. Its multifunctional design is suitable for various bathroom decoration styles, adding more practicality and personalization options for you.

The well-designed nozzle system allows you to enjoy the pleasurable experience of showering. The spraying effect is consistent and caters to the preferences of different users. We always regard the needs of our customers as the most important pursuit of yjcpolymer, that is to say, if you have any needs about this shower nozzle, whether it is size, color, workmanship, etc., we can try our best to meet your requirements.


Easy to install and suitable for all standard shower setups, it brings convenience and comfort to users and installers. This shower enjoyment set is your perfect choice to create your ideal bathroom, bringing you a comfortable and relaxing bath time. Our factory designed this shower head to bring convenience and comfort to our customers, if you would like to order our products in bulk, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


In the factory, the PIM (Plastic Injection Molding) process is first performed, where the ABS material is heated to a molten state and then injected into the mold using high pressure. Subsequently, the SIM (Silicone Injection Molding) process is performed, in which silicone is injected into the finished plastic part to form additional parts such as sealing gaskets. The combination of these two processes ensures high product quality and performance.

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