Shower Faucet Nozzle Custom Silicone Parts for Bathroom Rain Shower Head

Our custom shower nozzle silicone parts for bathroom rain showers are specialized parts designed for optimal shower head performance. Made from high quality silicone using precision molding technology, these parts ensure seamless integration and reliable functionality. They offer excellent flexibility and durability to ensure smooth water flow for a comfortable shower experience. Whether you are

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Faucet Nozzle, also known as spray nozzle, water & air nozzles, which is designed as elastomeric componnets at the end of an enclosed tubing, pipe & pump, or bottle to control the spray, direction and characteristic of fluid flow and used in products controlling water or air spray like shower head nozzle, faucet nozzle, hose nozzles, bottles nozzle valve, jet spraying etc.


Faucet Nozzle used in Shower Head and Faucet & Tap Advantage:

1. The mineral deposits is difficult to wash, because we have to dismantle the hand shower faucet & faucet tap to clean.

2. The Silicone Faucet Nozzle is very convenient to clean up . The Well-designed Silicone nozzle tend to be projecting, which is convenient for you to clean up the Nozzle with hand or cloth.

3. Faucet Nozzle Gasket is made from FDA grade silicon also up to ASTM, DIN, JIS standard, which more safer than plastic or metal nozzles.


Silicone Faucet Nozzle Structure for Shower Head Nozzles & Tap Nozzles:

Silicone Rubber Faucet Nozzle Gasket is made of 100% natural silicone, and it is often a pipe or tube of varying cross sectional area, circular, rectangular, triangle or some other shape. Therefore, there are different kinds of inner holes of the Silicone Faucet Head Nozzle, round hole, rectangle hole, triangle hole, and so on. However, the round hole is much better than the other two types. Under the same Reynolds number, as the sprayer of round nozzles tends to flows along the center line, the possibility of second flow is less.

Silicone Rubber Nozzle Shower Head Introduction

Silicone shower nozzles’ spout can be divided into 2 kinds, hard plastic ebonite and soft rubber. Hard plastic ebonite refers to the surface of the water cover itself, soft rubber generally employs TPR or TPE, also silicone (Non-secondary injection, but after the vulcanization then put into the shower cover).

Rubber Shower Nozzle Gasket choosing method: silicone shower head looks all the same from the appearance, but when you are choosing, you have to pay attention to the spray result. Good Silicone Shower Spray Nozzle Gasket can make sure the spray of every tiny hole is balanced and can achieve the rainfall shower result in different water pressure.

We manufacturer liquid silicone shower head ,overmolding for it and silicone shower, supplying products for Xiamen Loda, kohler sanitary ware company and so on.


Our Advantage for Silicone Rubber Nozzles Shower Head Nozzle: 

  1. Since 1998, we’ve excelled in Precision Own Mold-Making Technology, offering a one-stop service for silicone rubber compression molded components, plastic injection molding, and liquid silicone rubber molding components.
  2. We have a deep understanding of elastomeric materials used in molding.
  3. Our expertise extends to silicone rubber shower head nozzle mold-making and the associated molding technology.
  4. Our extensive experience includes water flow effects in nozzles, with a focus on:a. Quality control for parting lines and eliminating silicone rubber flashing.b. Thorough knowledge of overall nozzle construction.
  5. We’re not just skilled in making elastic silicone rubber shower head nozzles through compression tooling; we can also create plastic and liquid silicone rubber shower head nozzles through overmolding injection molds, and even produce plastic over-molded silicone showerhead nozzles, among other specialized services.

Faucet Nozzle Quickly Quotation Requirement:

1. Offer 2D/3D design drawings or samples.

2. Materials Demands and Materials Durometer/Hardness Demands

3. Sizes Tolerance

4. Spraying Demands

5. Quantity

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