Sheet Metal Stamping Parts 15mm Height Black Spring Steel V Shaped Brackets

This product refers to high-quality black spring steel V-shaped brackets, each standing at a height of 15mm. These brackets, crafted through precision sheet metal stamping, serve as reliable supports, connectors, or fixings for various mechanical equipment, furniture, and structures. Their V-shaped design ensures excellent stability and load-bearing capacity, while the use of premium black spring

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Sheet Metal Stamping Parts 15mm Height Black Spring Steel V Shaped Brackets

Hardness:  HRC45

Color: Silver and other colors

Height: 15 mm

Width: 11 mm

Thickness: 0.5 mm

Distance between sides: 11mm

Suitable screw: +/-0.1

Finish: Zinc

Certification: ISO


Spring steel V-bracket is stamped in sheet metal with holes for screw to secure parts and brackets after assembly, both holes are placed on each side and stand one a parallel line face to face so that screw can be gone from one hole to another hole. One hole in one side is round but is a clip mouth in the hole for another side, this clip mouth provides fastening screw purpose. Generally, V-brackets are suitable for self-tapping screws with sharp point.



The most popular with bright and smooth and corrosion resistant, the finish thickness from 1 um to 25 um.


The plating thickness is 1~3μm, improves brightness and wear resistance.


With film thickness 0.13~1.27μm, tin finish with bright surface and good ductility, corrosion resistance, lower melting point, environmentally friendly properties.


Chrome plating is silver-white color and the film thickness is usually 0.25-05μm. Chrome plating has many practical features such as bright appearance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hard plating film, heat resistance.


 1.Good elasticity

Spring steel V-bracket stamping parts are flexible enough, they can return to old places even if deformed under pressure.

 2.High tensile strength

The tensile strength of spring steel V-bracket is up to 1050 Mpa.

 3.Strict tolerance

Spring steel V-brackets are manufactured in small tolerances of +/-0.1mm.

 4.Stable dimensions

Spring steel V-brackets can be used many times, and a tiny difference on sizes have been served even many times.


  • Spring Steel V-Brackets are versatile sheet metal components designed for a wide range of applications. These brackets are expertly stamped from spring steel sheets, making them durable and robust for various uses.
  • Spring Steel V-Brackets are ideally suited for use with self-tapping screws featuring sharp points. Their versatility and reliable construction make them indispensable in industries like automotive, electronics, furniture manufacturing, and more. Whether you need to fasten components securely or provide structural support, these brackets are up to the task.
  • With their durable spring steel construction and clever hole design, Spring Steel V-Brackets are the go-to choice for professionals seeking dependable and efficient solutions for their assembly and fastening needs.
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