Precision Molded Silicone Keyboard with Conductive Rubber Buttons

The surface undergoes a rubber matte oil coating, serving a dual purpose of dustproofing and providing a consistent, soft texture for tactile comfort. This meticulous treatment ensures superior operational feel and user satisfaction. Incorporating shading block enhancements, achieved through precise spray treatment and laser carving technology, the keyboard boasts optimal light transmission and customizable character

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Precision Molded Silicone Keyboard with Conductive Rubber Buttons

Our product showcases cutting-edge molding technology, ensuring precise material control within the mold. Through rapid and accurate whole die-casting molding, every intricate detail is meticulously crafted, guaranteeing superior quality. The surface is coated with rubber matte oil, serving a dual purpose. Not only does it act as a dustproof shield, but it also provides a soft, uniform texture for a comfortable tactile experience. This exceptional coating ensures a first-class operational feel, enhancing user satisfaction. Incorporating innovative design elements, the keyboard features shading block enhancements. The surface undergoes a meticulous spray treatment, and laser carving technology is utilized to inscribe characters and patterns as per specific requirements. The presence of shading blocks not only enables excellent overall light transmission but also allows customization. Each button can have different colored light transmissions simultaneously, meeting diverse visual needs. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our meticulously crafted keyboard, where precision meets comfort.

Precision Molded Silicone Keyboard with Conductive Rubber Buttons


Type: membrane switch, silicone keypad

Material: silicone rubber

Color: transparent or any colors

Hardness:shore A 30°~80°

Size: customized size

Tolerance: based on customer’s requirement

Printing: silk screen, radium carving

Molded Way: compression molded

Conductive Way: carbon pills, conductive ink printing, metal domes, metal pills

Surface Protective: pu coating, matte smooth coating, epoxy coating

Performance: aging resistance, eco-friendly, harmless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, durable

Certificate: ISO9001-2015, IATF16949, ROHS

OEM/ODM: available

Samples: free available samples

Packing: PE bag & carton, customized packing

Logo: silk printing, laser etching

Application: industrial, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, household, etc

Our Advantages:

  • Expert Silicone Manufacturing: We house a state-of-the-art silicone button manufacturing facility, equipped with precision mold technology, ensuring top-notch quality and precision.
  • Certified Clean Environment: Operating with clean plants, we customize silicone products meeting medical and food-grade standards, ensuring impeccable hygiene across industries.
  • Rapid Responses: Swift and precise, we respond promptly to your inquiries. Share samples, designs, and requirements, and receive quick and accurate quotations, saving your valuable time.
  • Flexible Logistics: Choose your preferred forwarder or leverage our reliable partners for transportation needs. We adapt to your logistics preferences, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Cost-Effective Molding: Large orders benefit from our cost coverage for new molds, streamlining processes and ensuring economical solutions for your bulk requirements.
  • Comprehensive Export Services: Our dedicated import-export arm handles global transactions, guaranteeing hassle-free international trade, allowing you to expand your global presence confidently.
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