Plastic Electronic Housing Enclosure Waterproof Dustproof ABS Plastic Electrical Boxes

Plastic Electronics Enclosure provides a secure enclosure for electronic components. It is manufactured using an injection molding process that ensures precision, durability and seamless integration. Suitable for applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial machinery, it protects electronic devices efficiently and reliably.

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      Plastic Electronic Housing Enclosure

blankWe offer a wide range of plastic electronic enclosures for general use. Here, you’ll discover popular plastic enclosure box products in a huge array of sizes and styles. Many have special features that your application needs, such as DIN rail mounting, fiber optic splice trays, and terminal blocks.

  • Small desktop plastic enclosures
  • Plastic instrument case with handle
  • USB enclosure
  • Power plug enclosure
  • DIN rail mountable enclosures
  • Potting boxes
  • Fiber optic terminal boxes

No matter what your specific needs are, we have an enclosure that will work for you. Browse our selection and find the perfect one for you.


IP65 Waterproof

Waterproof grade IP65, bring you safety and peace of mind, even the rain forest or high-pressure water gun lasing will not affect the use of internal components


Shock Resistance

Made of ABS plastic, durable/practical and sturdy, quality material and unique design protect your devices even under the adverse environment



Dust-proof, effectively blocking external dirt, sand, dust and always keeps your electronic projects clean and safe


1.The stretchable seal gasket

The seal gasket provides protection to keep out the water and dirt ingress. (The rubber gasket has elasticity. If the rubber gasket is shorter, you can stretch it to the proper length when you are installing it on the corner parts)

2.Bottom hole design

Multifunctional screw hole design at the bottom for various DIY creations

3.Copper nut

Exquisite copper screw hole design and stainless steel screws, anti-rust and long life.


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