Plastic electronic Housing, ABS flame-retard pleastic injection

Hey there! Ever wonder how we keep your electronics safe from flames and mishaps? It's all about our ABS flame-retardant plastic injection housings. Picture this: your gadgets wrapped up in tough ABS plastic armor, ready to take on anything from accidental spills to unexpected toaster explosions. And with injection molding magic, we create perfectly-sized housings

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Plastic electronic housing enclosures provide a cost-effective solution for accommodating circuit boards and electronic components. Our extensive range of electronic project boxes offers a diverse selection in terms of styles, colors, and sizes. Crafted from flame-retardant ABS plastic or premium-grade aluminum, our PCB enclosures are built to last and offer dependable protection for your circuit boards.


lastic electronic housings are essential components for electronic projects, just like any other type of electronic enclosure. The specifications and features of your electronic project enclosure will be determined by the requirements of your application. Here are some key factors to consider:

Material: Both metal and plastic electronic enclosures have their own advantages. ABS plastic electronic enclosures are durable and cost-effective, while aluminum enclosures offer additional protection and built-in electromagnetic interference shielding.

Physical Dimensions: Small electronic projects often require electronic enclosures with specific physical dimensions, such as handheld, desktop, or wall-mounted modules.

Customization Options: Customization is crucial, as plastic electronic enclosures can be used in many different applications and often require various connectors. This includes customization features like mechanical cutouts.

Both plastic and metal enclosures are available, made from durable materials such as die-cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, and ABS plastic.

Convenient Features, such as built-in PCB mounting bosses and wall-mount flanges, make customization easier.

Easy customization through our in-house CNC machining and digital printing services.

Multiple form factors of enclosures are available, including handheld and combination modes, to suit various application scenarios.

Cost-effective pricing points to fit every budget.

We emphasize the provision of customized plastic electronic enclosures to meet your unique requirements and application scenarios.

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