Plastic battery case, box & enclosures

Our plastic battery cases and enclosures are designed to provide effective battery protection. Made from durable plastic materials, they provide a secure, insulated enclosure to protect your batteries from moisture, dust and other external elements. Our battery cases are available in a variety of sizes and designs to ensure a perfect fit for your battery,

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  Plastic battery case, box  & enclosure


Our custom production of  plastic injection molds and parts of plastic battery cases and boxes for new energy,

such as plastic battery case , battery box  battery container housing, battery enclosure,

battery plastic cover, plastic battery lid,  battery case cap, battery case vent plug, etc.

We provide tooling manufacturing and parts mass production. Welcome to have your own molds and parts custom made.

We should quote and proceed as per 3D files or samples. 3D files format can be STP/STEP or IGS/IGES or X_T.

Our customer are from all over the world, such as The United States, UK, Canada, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, India, Iran, etc. We always accept small orders to support our customers for better marketing. Our new customers can talk to some of our regular clients when they are ready to start.

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