One Way Check Cross Slit Valve Silicone Water Dispenser Valve for Bottle Cap

One Way Check Cross Slit Valve Silicone Water Dispenser Valve for Bottle Cap is a silicone dispenser valve designed for bottle caps, commonly used in water bottles or other beverage containers. Its design features a cross slit, allowing liquid to flow only in one direction, thus preventing backflow or entry of external substances into the

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Food Grade One Way Check Cross Slit Valve Silicone Dispenser Valve for Bottle Cap Dispensing

Silicone valves, also known as One way valves, non-return valves, air flow valves, rubber check valves, which are used for controlling the direction of fluids’ flow. Our silicone valves can be universally applied in many different applications, whether in the health care, automotive, appliance or food and packaging industries. Silicone valves include umbrella valves, duckbill valves, membrane valves, flapper valves and diaphragm valves, etc.blankOur Company Core Advantange:

1.Precision silicone rubber compression mold-making technology.

Silicone rubber molded sizes tolerance can up to +/-0.01: manly produce silicone and rubber components for Smart phone andmedical devicelike MIul Huawei Galemed etc

2. Own mold-making plant and clean room silicone compression and LSR inection production plants:Mainly produce food and medical grade silicone & LSR components and products.

3.decades of experience about precision silicone rubber molding production.

4.we can offer high precise designs and sizes for silicone rubber valves to supportyour devices according to your 3 D / 2D drawings, samples, flowing parameters etc

5.We have Dust Free Silicone Rubber Compression Molding Plants and Dust- Free Dismantling Plants

6.According to customer demands, most of silicone medical parts should be produced and finished in clean room. Our dust-free plants can up to 100, 000 stage.


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