Microphone Shock Mount Rubber Sleeve

A Microphone Shock Mount Rubber Sleeve is a component used in microphone shock mounts, typically designed to protect microphones from the impact of vibration and movement, thereby reducing noise and interference during recording. This rubber sleeve is often manufactured using an injection molding process. In this process, rubber material is heated to a sufficient temperature

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  • Outdoor and indoor occasions,
  • Microphone accessories for recording studio & video
  • Music training, live recordings
  • Press interviews
  • Conference calls
  • Art organization
  • School
  • Stage performance
  • Band show, etc.,

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Rubber bellows adopt material requirement

1.Rubber bellows material density is good, not easy to leak media;

2.The material of rubber bellows shall have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;

3.Good compressibility and resilience, small permanent deformation;

4.rubber bellows material does not soften at high temperature, does not decompose, does not harden at low temperature, does not brittle;

5.rubber bellows material corrosion resistance is good, in acid, alkali, oil and other media can work for a long time, its volume and hardness change is small, and does not adhere to the metal surface;

6.rubber bellows material friction coefficient is small, good wear resistance;

7.It is soft when combined with the sealing surface;

8. Rubber bellows shall have good aging resistance and durability;

9.processing and manufacturing convenient, price, easy to draw materials.

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