Medical One Way Check Valve Non Return Umbrella Valve

The Medical One Way Check Valve feature establishes one-way flow within the device. These components are essentially elastomeric sealing elements that allow only forward flow while resolutely preventing backflow. Our innovative umbrella valve technology offers two different simple installation types. Our product portfolio includes flap valves, umbrella valves, duckbill valves, and custom valves crafted from

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Medical One Way Check Valve Non Return Umbrella Valve

Silicone valves, encompassing one-way valves such as duckbill and umbrella valves, serve as integral components in fluid systems. These versatile valves, designed to open and close under predetermined forces and vacuum conditions, play a pivotal role in distributing liquids, gases, and powders.

  • Single-Directional Excellence

The single-way valve components function to establish unidirectional flow within devices. These components, essentially elastic sealing elements, permit forward flow while staunchly preventing backflow. Two popular designs cater to diverse needs. If low opening pressure and ease of assembly are paramount, the duckbill valve is the preferred choice. On the other hand, for applications demanding a certain opening pressure at higher flow rates or minimal pressure drop, the umbrella valve stands out as an optimal selection.

  • Promoting Unidirectional Fluid Flow

Single-way valves facilitate the unidirectional flow of fluids. Depending on the application, this can either promote forward flow within devices or act as a barrier against undesired backflow. Our portfolio includes flap valves, umbrella valves, duckbill valves, and custom valves crafted from a variety of rubber compounds. These encompass medical and food-grade organic silicon, as well as hydrocarbon-resistant fluorosilicone rubber, ensuring adaptability to a broad range of tolerances and temperatures.

  • Seamless Unidirectional Fluid Control

All our one-way rubber-sealed valves exclusively permit fluid (liquid or gas) to flow in a single direction. The design and structure of these non-return valves make them widely applicable in pressurized fluid environments. This elastic compound showcases characteristics such as low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and high sensitivity to even the subtlest pressure changes.

In essence, our Medical One-Way Check Valve, featuring the unparalleled technology of duckbill and umbrella valves, ensures precise, reliable, and unidirectional fluid control in diverse medical and industrial applications.


Seal Installation Options for Umbrella Valves: Optimal Functionality, Simplified Assembly

Our Medical One-Way Check Valve, featuring the innovative umbrella valve technology, offers two distinct seal installation types for enhanced versatility and ease of assembly.

  1. Long-Tail Pull-In Installation:

The long-tail pull-in installation stands out as the most common and is particularly well-suited for manual assembly processes. During installation, the elongated tail is threaded through the central hole of the valve seat and pulled, causing the valve to spring into place seamlessly. This method ensures a swift and efficient manual assembly process.

  1. Short-Tail Push-In Installation:

The short-tail push-in installation option is preferred when placing the long tail into the central hole proves challenging. This scenario may arise, for instance, at the depths of a cylindrical base or in situations where accessing the upstream side of the valve is impractical. This installation type is also suitable for automated assembly processes, providing flexibility in various manufacturing setups.

These installation options not only cater to diverse assembly preferences but also address specific challenges that may arise during the manufacturing process. Whether opting for the simplicity of manual assembly or the precision of automated processes, our umbrella valve design ensures a reliable and effective solution for unidirectional fluid control in medical and industrial applications.

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