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Silicone Nipple Shields (also known as Silicone Baby Nipple Shields or Silicone Nursing Shields) are made from food grade, high quality liquid silicone rubber using LSR injection molding technology. This thin, soft silicone nipple is specifically designed to cover the mother's areola and nipple. It provides firmer stimulation to the baby's mouth and helps babies

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The manufacture of silicone nipple shields is a highly precise process that requires compliance with the health standards and quality requirements of the medical industry. Our factory will use professional LSR production technology to ensure product biocompatibility, size consistency and high quality.

Silicone Nipple Shield also known as Silicone Baby Nipple Shield, Silicone Shield Breastfeeding, Silicone Breast Shells, which is made of high safety food grade liquid silicone rubber by LSR Injection Molding. Silicone Breast Shield is a thin, soft piece of silicone teat that designed to be placed over a mother’s areola and nipple and the nipple shield may help by providing a firmer stimulus in baby’s mouth to help a baby who is having difficulty learning to breastfeed.

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Silicone Shield Breastfeeding with a small opening at the tip of the nipple area,which allows breast milk to flow from mother’s breast, through the shield, and to baby.


Silicone Nipple Shield:

Imitate the design of breast natural radian. Fit the breast not easy to fall off by physical suction.

Cross silt hole on the top, anti chocking mild design. Adjust the amount of milk automatically according to the baby suction to ensure baby breastfeeding safely.

Spiral design, automatic control of milk flow rate, prevent from choking.

Imitation areola bump design. Close to the natural effect of mother’s areola, closer to real feeling of breast milk.

One way air inlet, anti-leakage milk & anti-gas design. Using the princile of air pressure, adjust the air pressure inside the protective cover automatically. Making it easier and safer for babies to suck milk.

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