Silicone Pressure Relief Valves: Essential Components in Various Industries

For anyone familiar with air compressor installation or pressure washer operation, the importance of silicone pressure relief valves is well known. Known for their simplicity and effectiveness, these valves have been indispensable in various industries for quite some time. The silicone rubber valves produced by YJCPOLYMER can be designed and produced according to the specific requirements of different industries, and they can play a role in different fields.

Among the different types of pressure relief valves, compression valves are one of the easiest to understand. These valves work by opening with water pressure and closing when force is removed, and are often located in small spaces such as the floors and walls of air compressors.

Silicone valves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet different tank sizes and pressure requirements. Cylindrical shapes are common and can be installed above a tank, in a wall or as a floor support. They are simple and easy to install and operate, but require minimal water to operate effectively. However, this characteristic also means that smaller tank sizes may be required to maintain adequate pressure.

Another type is the rubber valve, which is usually made of plastic and has a higher pressure capacity than similar valves. These valves are equipped with a rubber band that goes around the edge of the valve to prevent it from opening under water pressure and to relieve the pressure when water is pumped. Although effective, these valves are prone to clogging and require regular maintenance.

Both rubber and silicone valves have a variety of uses, including air compressors, water pressure relief valves, and various industrial applications. They are available in different sizes for easy installation on the wall or above a water tank, and their flexibility is noteworthy. Although these valves may have a higher initial cost, their efficiency often outweighs the expense, making them a cost-effective long-term solution.

Silicone and rubber pressure relief valves are used throughout the world, beyond the industrial sector. Despite their inconspicuousness, these valves play a vital role as cost-effective solutions to prevent water loss and maintain optimal pressure levels in various systems.

In summary, silicone pressure relief valves are an indispensable component in many industries for their simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility. Their ability to maintain pressure and prevent system damage makes them valuable assets, ensuring smooth operation and efficiency for a variety of applications. Tell us your ideas for custom silicone rubber valves and we will provide you with a perfect solution.