Hygienic Baby Teething Silicone Pacifier Fruit Food Feeder

The Silicone Pacifier Fruit Food Feeder's naturally shaped silicone capsule provides comfort and familiarity, setting it apart from other mesh food feeders. Our food feeders promote self-feeding, foster independence, build confidence, and enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Customized design to meet the preferences and usage needs of different babies.

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Hygienic Baby Teething Silicone Pacifier Fruit Food Feeder  

Baby Teething Silicone Pacifier Fruit Food Feeder – a safe, hygienic, and convenient solution for introducing fresh food to your little one. Simply place fruits, vegetables, or meat into the silicone sac and secure it with the snap lock. Our Food Feeder promotes self-feeding, fostering independence, building confidence, and enhancing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Your baby will experience excitement and a sense of accomplishment as they actively participate in the feeding process.

Designed with a textured silicone sac, our feeder not only aids in teething pain relief but also stimulates your baby’s gums during this crucial developmental phase. Experiment with frozen fruits or ice cubes for additional soothing and massaging benefits. Our soft silicone sac surpasses traditional mesh bags, offering easy cleaning, odor resistance, and encouraging chewing for effective food extraction.

The naturally-shaped silicone sac provides comfort and familiarity, distinguishing it from other mesh-based food feeders. The included cap keeps the silicone sac and food clean, ensuring a hygienic feeding experience. Our product is easy to clean and is top-rack dishwasher safe.



Crafted from the highest food-grade silicone, our Fresh Fruit Feeder ensures absolute safety. BPA-free, latex-free, petroleum-free, lead-free, and phthalates-free, making it a secure choice for your baby.


Featuring a soft silicone surface with a baby food strainer, our pacifier is designed for easy chewing, sucking, and cleaning. Store fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, breast milk, or medicine to relieve teething pain. The multifunctional design serves as a baby teething pacifier, providing gum massage and addressing various oral concerns in infants.


Equipped with a childproof snap lock, our pacifier opens and shuts easily while ensuring your baby’s safety. A reliable solution for introducing fresh foods, soothing teething pain, and promoting healthy oral development.


Our flexible silicone baby feeder offers hassle-free cleaning compared to other mesh feeders. Easily wash it in warm soapy water, sterilize in boiling water, or simply toss it in the dishwasher.

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