Heat-resistant Silicone Nonslip Coffee Cup Sleeve Reusable Glass Bottle Mug Cup Sleeve Protector Cover

The Heat-resistant Silicone Nonslip Coffee Cup Sleeve Reusable Glass Bottle Mug Cup Sleeve Protector Cover is a versatile accessory designed to enhance your drinking experience. Crafted from durable silicone, it offers superior heat resistance, ensuring your hands stay cool while enjoying your favorite hot beverages. Its nonslip design provides a secure grip, preventing accidental spills

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Silicone Sleeve is also called silicon sleeve, silicone sheath, rubber sleeve, Silicone Bottle Sleeve, Water Bottle Cover, which is made of elastic silicone rubber (MVQ) materials by compression.

mold tooling with horizontal stripe, working like bushing, bellows, damper or bumper, etc. Other rubber sleeves are mainly made of EPDM, neoprene, NR, NBR, PTFE, Silikon materials, etc, and some of them are molded with metal parts like bronze, steel, brass and so on.

5pcs Assorted Colors Heat-resistant Silicone Nonslip Coffee Cup Sleeve,Resistant Reusable Glass Bottle Mug Cup Sleeve Protector Cover     blank

Silicone Sleeves Features:

Silicone Sleeves are heat insulated and good anti-scalding products, the same to insulating gloves, which provide insulation for hot and cold water,especially for coffee cup and baby botle. Silicone sleeve help insulate drinkers hands from hot cup and botle and prevent breakage and leakage.CommonSleeves: coffee cup sleeves. glass water bottle sleeves. baby bottle sleeves. cup sleeves, travel mug silicone sheath, etc.

Silicone Sleeves are good anti-skid ring products as materials stickiness and sleeves surface non-slip grip designs pate for baby drink bottles and glassbottles, which protect milk bottle or water bottle from breakage, and kids can firmly hold the bottle by their little hands.

Silicone Sleeves are good shock proof and breakage proof elastomer rubber sheath, serving as rubber damper or rubber bumper.

Siicone Sleeve can be made of 100% EDA fod grade silicone. which is BPA free. non-toxic. mainly used for mik or baby water bottle. water glas.ete

How to Start a Silicone Bottle Sleeve Project?

1.Our experience engineers provide sleeve and cover free design support, manufacturabilty analysis

2. Porvide mold layout according to silicone sleeve structure and customers’ quantity.

Silicone Sleeve’ Surface Text & Logo Treatment:

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Embossed Logo
  • Hydrographics Transfer Printing
  • Roll Pringting
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