Hands-Free Showerhead Wall Holder-Silicone Shower Bracket Shower Suction Cup

Our Hands-Free Shower Head Wall Mount - Silicone Shower Head Mount with Shower Suction Cup is made of premium silicone for durability and reliable performance while providing hands-free convenience in the shower. This product features a sturdy suction cup design and customizable options, enjoy factory pricing and OEM/ODM services to customize the product to your

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  1. Custom Design Service: We collaborate with customers to provide personalized design for silicone shower suction cups, meeting their unique requirements.
  2. High-Quality Material Supply: We use premium silicone materials to ensure our products possess the necessary performance and durability.
  3. Professional Mold Design: We design and manufacture precise molds suitable for various shapes and sizes of suction cups.
  4. Production Process Control: Through rigorous injection molding and curing processes, we ensure the manufacturing quality of our suction cups.
  5. Stringent Quality Inspection: We conduct visual inspections and performance testing to ensure each suction cup meets the standards.
  6. Accessories and Customization: Based on customer needs, we offer a variety of suction cup accessories and customization options.
  7. Secure Packaging and Logistics Support: We provide appropriate packaging and logistics to safeguard products during transportation.
  8. Customer Support and Feedback: We work with customers to resolve issues, meet their needs, and value customer feedback.


Product Advantages:

High-Quality Material: The wall section of this shower head holder is constructed from waterproof and moisture-proof silicone, ensuring protection against non-toxic elements and providing exceptional durability. The handle exhibits a smooth and sturdy design.

No-Drill Design: This silicone shower head holder boasts a no-drill installation method, thanks to its 8 small vacuum suction cups. It effortlessly adheres to any smooth and flat surface, securely affixing the shower head bracket to the wall with the simplicity of a single suction cup.

Strong Bearing Capacity: Despite its compact and lightweight design, this wall-mounted shower head holder exhibits remarkable load-bearing capacity. The suction cups are exceptionally tenacious and resistant to accidental detachment.

Reusable Design: The silicone shower suction holder can be removed and washed, making it suitable for reuse after a simple cleaning and drying process. Upon removal, it leaves no unsightly stains or residues on the wall, allowing you to relocate your shower head holder as needed.

Ideal Gift: This product makes for an excellent gift choice for friends, family, and neighbors. Its practicality ensures that recipients will find it highly valuable in their daily lives.


The hand shower holder wall mount is best suited for smooth, non-porous surfaces, including metal, glass, mirrors, windows, polished stainless steel walls, ceramic tiles, and granite.

It is not suitable for use on wooden surfaces, painted walls, areas with oil or moisture leakage, or rough and cracked walls.

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