Food Grade Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush PBA-free

The Baby Finger Toothbrush, also known as the Silicone Finger Brush, is specifically designed to promote early dental hygiene for babies. Made from 100% FDA food-grade liquid silicone, it ensures safety and comfort for your little one. Whether called Silicone Baby Toothbrush, Infant Teething Toothbrush, or simply Finger Toothbrush, it instills positive oral care habits

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One-stop Solution for Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush PBA-free

Our factory can provide customers with a one-stop service, from product design to production, packaging, delivery, and after-sales support, to meet their needs and help them successfully launch and sell liquid silicone rubber baby finger toothbrushes in the market.


Features of Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush

1.100% SAFE: Liquid silicone rubber baby finger toothbrushes are BPA free and made from premium food grade liquid silicone and processed in closed cleaning system! Non-toxic and FDA approved for babies and toddlers. Also completely safe for dogs, cats, and other pets!

2.Material: 100% food grade BPA-free liquid Silicone rubber

3.Color: Transparent or custom

4.Feature: Soft, reusable, eco-friendly, bendable, flexible, no-toxic baby eating bib, silicone baby Finger Toothbrush

5.Logo: Logo can be customized on package custom silicone baby soft bib


Silicone Finger Toothbrush by liquid silicone rubber is safe, because LSR silicone is clean,plasticizer-free, tasteless, odorless and can proof water, resist oxidation and some chemicalmaterials like acids and alkali, and can resistant to bacteria growth and can be sterilized by steamantoclaving,ethylene oxide,gamam,e-beam etc.

blankInfant Finger Toothbrush by LSR is durable can use for a long time, LSR with high heatresistance (working temperature: -400C ~ 2300C), good tensile strength and tear resistace.

Infant Toothbrush by Liquid Injection Molding with small parting line and no or less rubberflashing on the toobrush. Do not need take a lot of time to debur, which save not only savematerial but also save time.

We provide:

  • Customized Design
  • Mold Manufacturing
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Custom Packaging
  • Quality Control
  • Fast Delivery
  • Technical Support
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