Food Feeder Pacifier Teether for Baby Food Grade Soft Safe BPA-Free Silicone Fruit Feeder Training Massaging Toy

Introducing the Baby Juice Feeder, a convenient solution for introducing fresh juice to your infant. Designed with safety and ease of use in mind, this feeder controls the amount of juice consumed while minimizing the risk of choking. Ideal for infants transitioning to solid foods, it promotes healthy eating habits and provides a distraction-free feeding

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 Baby Fruit Juice Feeder 

1.100% SAFE Our baby fruit feeder set is made with certified premium 100% Food Grade Silicone that’s BPA, PVC, Latex, Latex, Metals, Phthalate, Toxic and Rust free. Our feeders allow your baby tol gum on solids long before teeth come in. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your baby putting choke-sized chunks of food into mouth.


2.Material: LSR

3.Molding technical:injection molding

4.Application domain:Infant  Care

5.Color: transparent or custom

6.Certificate:CE, SGS,Medical grade







Safe to use, easy to clean

Each Fruit Feeder Pacifier (and feeder head) is made from high-quality silicone that is ultra soft. Thepacifier is safe to wash under hot water with liquid soap, and each order comes with one dust coverto ensure that the pacifier stays clean when not used or protected if dropped accidentally.


LSR due to its 100% safety, environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics, more and more applications in the maternal and child products industry.The material used makes our pacifier fruit holders stain-resistant. You only have to wash with warm soap water or boil to sterilize!

YJC primary equipment


1.Makino Mirro sparking EDM and Sodic WIRE EDM

Over two decade of development and experience accumulation, YJC has advanced tool manufacturing and research management experience.



2.Food grade Class 8 purification workshop  and  ARBURG LSR injection molding machine 

YJC has accumulated abundant tooling and molding experiences in the field of self-bonding LSR products.

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